Publix Pharmacy Vs Walmart Pharmacy

When getting pharmaceutical products, many of us want the best product for the lowest price. It is also nice to have a pharmacy that is convenient and close to your home. So, that begs the question: Does Walmart or Publix have the better pharmacy? 

When it comes to their pricing, Walmart tends to be a better option for getting pharmaceutical products. However, Publix and Walmart both have relatively high customer satisfaction rates regarding their pharmacies. 

In this article, we will thoroughly compare the pharmacies at Publix and Walmart. This will include evaluating which pharmacy is cheaper, which store has the widest variety of pharmaceutical products, and which pharmacy fills prescriptions faster on average. In addition, we will also be answering some commonly asked questions about the pharmacies at Walmart and Publix. Let’s get into it! 

Is Publix Pharmacy Cheaper Than Walmart For Over The Counter Products? 

On average, Walmart is cheaper than Publix regarding over-the-counter medications and other pharmaceutical products. This is especially true when you consider that Walmart has its pharmacy brand: equate. Equate products are usually cheaper than name-brand products and are often of very similar quality to name-brand products. 

Although Publix often has buy-one-get-one deals that can make their prices somewhat more competitive, they are not as likely to benefit customers regarding pharmaceutical products. This is because things like over-the-counter medications are not bought in bulk as often as food products are. 

Which Pharmacy Is Better For Those Without Insurance? 

As of 2022, Walmart seems to be the better option for those without insurance. This is because Walmart has instated multiple programs that are designed to make getting both prescription and over the counter medications more accessible for low-income individuals.

These programs include the Walmart+ Rx subscription and the $4 generics program. We will describe these helpful programs at Walmart pharmacies in greater detail later in this article.

Does Publix Or Walmart Have More Prescription Pharmacy Products? 

The variety of prescription pharmaceutical products is pretty much the same at both Walmart and Publix pharmacies. This means you should be able to pick up your prescription at either store. However, the pricing of these prescription medications may differ from Walmart to Publix pharmacies.

Similarly, you may want to double-check which stores pair the best with your insurance and your doctor’s office when applicable. 

Which Pharmacy Fills Perscriptions Faster? 

Publix tends to have slightly higher customer satisfaction scores regarding its pharmacy. This means that many Publix locations may fill prescriptions slightly faster than Walmart pharmacies do. However, no research has definitively stated that Publix pharmacies fill prescriptions faster than Walmart pharmacies, and prescription fill time can vary depending on the store location. 

Does Publix Still Have A Free Perscriptions Program? 

Unfortunately, Publix has gotten rid of its free prescriptions program since June 1st, 2022. This means that prescriptions for certain antibiotics and maintenance medications are no longer offered for free. However, the cost of these prescriptions is still reasonably cheap, with most of them being under $10. However, many of these medications can still be cheaper at a Walmart pharmacy. 

Does Walmart Have A Free Perscriptions Program? 

Walmart has never offered a free prescription program at their pharmacies. However, Walmart has several programs currently in place that are designed to make prescription medications more affordable. 

The first pharmacy program through Walmart we will mention is the $4 generic prescriptions program. This program allows certain medications to be just $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply. This program includes various medications, including select cholesterol, diabetes, mental health medications, and more. 

Additionally, Walmart has a Walmart + program that offers savings on a variety of products when you pay their subscription fee. These savings have recently extended to prescription and over-the-counter medications, and these Walmart+ deals can be used instead of insurance. 

Surprisingly, many people have found that they get prescriptions that are less expensive using Walmart+ than using their insurance. Of course, double-checking pricing before going through any purchases at the Walmart pharmacy is always a good idea. 

Is The Walmart Or Publix Pharmacy More Reliable? 

Generally speaking, Walmart pharmacies tend to be more reliable when it comes to their pricing. This is because you can often get certain prescriptions cheaper at Walmart than at Publix. Similarly, Walmart also tends to have cheaper over-the-counter pharmaceutical products than Publix. 

However, Publix has a slightly higher customer satisfaction rate than Walmart does when it comes to its pharmacies. This means that many customers receive better service and customer experience at Publix. This potentially makes Publix more reliable when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

So, Is The Walmart Pharmacy Or The Publix Pharmacy Better? 

Due to their better prices and higher amount of over-the-counter products, it is safe to say that Walmart has the better pharmacy. Even though Publix got a slightly higher customer satisfaction rating for its pharmacy, this rating is not much higher than Walmart’s.

This leads to Walmart having better prices on prescription and over the counter medications and a wider range of pharmaceutical products than Publix. Additionally, Walmart pharmacies have customer satisfaction rates that are only slightly lower than Publix’s. 

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