Does Winn Dixie Have Firewood

Whether you are getting ready to cozy up with a nice cup of cocoa around the winter fireplace or getting ready to venture full force into summer camping nights, you can’t forget the essential, the firewood! It’s good to think ahead and be prepared for where to find it. If you encounter Winn-Dixie for the first time or are a loyal fan, you may wonder if you can find some firewood there.

You can buy firewood at Winn-Dixie and buy it from them online. You will not be surprised at the quality, though, because as Winn-Dixie likes to claim, they are filled with high-quality premium products without the high price tag of some of its competitors.

So stick around to find out what brands the supermarket retailer likes to carry, their pricing, and overall the quality that they have. As well as whether that is an item they carry only seasonally or is a permanent staple.

The Winn-Dixie Promise

The chain supermarket is a common household name in the southeast United States. They have over 500 stores throughout Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. They are a supermarket with various products, pharmacies, and liquor stores.

Their promise is what they like to call a “Winn Win,” get it? Offering high-quality products but are reasonable prices that won’t break the bank. So, included in their product offering, they carry firewood, so if you need some and are in one of the states mentioned above, look up the nearest Winn Dixie, and you will find what you need. 

The Brands Of Firewood Winn-Dixie Carries

The supermarket usually likes to carry between two or three brands of firewood. The usual suspects are EnviroLog,  Pine Mountain, and SE Grocers. They are all great quality and are sold in smaller bundles because Winn Dixie figures you are not looking to buy mass quality for outdoor survival but more for small recreational times around the campfire or grill. 

What Is Their Pricing on Firewood?

Like anything else, there may be some small variations in price depending on the region you find yourself shopping in. For the most part, you can find a bundle of EnviroLog, their most economical offering, for about $7.99. Next up the price ladder, you will find a medium price point bundle for about $14.00-$17.00 for a six-count. And finally, their most pricey option would be a six-piece bundle of Pine Mountain Firewood for about $25.99.

The Longevity Of The Firewood Marks The Difference

So I know you may be wondering, because I was, why the different pricing in the bundle options. Well, in addition to the brand of firewood, which will allow you to access more of a premium product, the longevity of the burn time is a factor.

Even though they may be bundles of six pieces, for the most part, some firewood will burn for two hours while others will have a burn time of about four hours.

And, of course, the brand will have an effect. More premium brands will have firewood that is easier to manipulate. If you have ever tried, you will know how frustrating it is for the firewood not to catch fire soon enough. So the more you spend on quality firewood, which Winn Dixie does have, the faster your fire pit will be lit up. 

Wondering If The Firewood Is Sold Seasonally?

It is a very logical question and one you want to know ahead of time so you can buy ahead if necessary. You will be happy to know that Winn Dixie carries their firewood throughout the year. It is a product that will be given use in pretty much any season of the year. So rest easy and know you will find the firewood needed for those delicious summer BBQs and those cozy wintery fire pits.

Additional Things You May Need

This is more for the newbies trying to get that fire to start. Depending on the firewood, you may need additional things to start that fire. It is important to read the label and instructions, which you will find printed on the bundle of firewood. 

One article that will be beneficial to also pick up while you are there is fire starters. Right next to the firewood at Winn Dixie, you will find one that they offer: cubes made by Pine Mountain. 

You can find anything you need at your local Winn Dixie, including firewood. So now, for your next gathering, you know you can pick up all the ingredients, spirits, and firewood for the perfect family or friend’s gathering. You can count on a couple of price options but always with exceptional quality. 

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