Does Aldi Provide Bags – What To Expect When Shopping

Aldi is known already know for its unique shopping cart experience, but for some people that just doesn’t seem like the way to go. One question often arises for those new to this store is whether Aldi provides bags for its customers. Well, Aldi has an interesting policy on grocery bags that you might not be aware of.

Unlike many other grocery stores, Aldi does not offer free plastic bags at the checkout. This practice allows them to keep prices low and reduce waste. However, you’re allowed to bring in your own bags or purchase reusable bags at the checkout.

While it stinks that Aldi doesn’t just offer free bags whether plastic, paper, or fabric, it does have its benefits for the customer, mainly in the area of overall costs. However if I were you, and to make your shopping experience smoother, consider bringing your own reusable bags or cardboard cartons to Aldi.

Bagging Options at Aldi

Aldi is known for its cost-saving measures, and one such way it achieves this is by handling bags differently than other grocery stores. Let’s explore the bagging options when shopping at Aldi.

Provided Bags

Aldi does provide bags for purchase at the checkout point. They offer various types of bags, including paper, plastic, and insulated bags. These bags come at a small cost as they are not provided for free.

The cost of bags at Aldi stores can vary depending on the type of bag, but plastic bags come in around 10 cents per bag. If you opt for their reusable bags, you can be looking at $1.99 per bag.

Then there’s the happy medium which are paper bags that cost around 7 cents.

The prices vary by location, but this is typically what I’ve seen from my local Aldi stores.

In general, it’s not that much of an addition to your bill, especially if you plan to use plastic bags. Your bagger will attempt to condense everything as much as possible. This means you don’t need to worry about excessive costs when it comes to those.

The same can be said with the reusable bags too, but those costs can certainly add up quickly once you get 2, 3, 4 or even 5 bags into your cart. I usually opt for the paper bags because they can hold more per bag and they’re cheaper overall.

Bring Your Own Bags To Aldi

So, let’s say purchasing a bag from Aldi isn’t for you. No problem, because you have the option of bringing your own.

This practice is not only environmentally friendly but also saves you money by not having to purchase bags at the store.

Many Aldi shoppers choose this option and bring their reusable shopping bags, boxes, or brown paper bags to pack groceries. All of them are acceptable to shop with.

After checkout, you can pack your groceries at a designated bagging shelf near the cash registers. This way, you can control how you want to organize your items and avoid additional bag fees.

Using Aldi Provided Cardboard Cartons

In certain situations, Aldi might also offer cardboard cartons that you can use to pack your groceries. This approach allows you to recycle packaging materials while providing a convenient way to transport your items from the store to your car.

The cartoons typically come from produce shipments that com into the store. They’ll place them over by the bagging counter at the front of the store. Just roll your shopping cart over, and pick one up.

You have the option to either load the cartons there, or you could push the cart to your car first so you’re not balancing something the wide over it. After that return your cart, get your quarter back, and you’re on your way!

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