How Does Publix Attendance Work – Policies, Call Outs And More

Almost all workplaces have an attendance policy that employees must follow if they want to keep working there. These policies help prevent days with staffing shortages and lead to a better experience for both workers and customers at Publix.

The thing is, Publix doesn’t necessarily tell you about the policies before you’re hired, which can mean that you don’t know what kind of policy you’re signing up for.

If you already work at Publix, understanding the policies is important for ensuring you aren’t getting written up and so that you know what to do if you need to miss a shift.

Here’s what you need to know about Publix’s employee attendance policy, how it works, and how you can potentially get an absence excused.

What Is Publix Employee Attendance Policy?

Publix recently re-did its attendance policy, and the current version is one of the stricter attendance policies out there.

When we see companies doing things like this, it’s usually because of a lot of recent callouts or because of a perception that some employees are abusing a more lenient policy. The good news is that strict policies often get more lenience as long as your work is otherwise meeting expectations, but since Publix’s attendance policy is so new, we can’t say if that will be the case here.

Right now, Publix allows for up to two absences every six months. If you have more than two absences, you will have what they refer to as counseling. Counseling at Publix is basically a meeting with your supervisor outlining the attendance policy and letting you know that you’ve been absent too many times recently.

Counseling is a warning that if you continue doing what you’re doing, there may be consequences and that you can’t be absent again.

If you receive more than three counseling sessions at Publix with your supervisor, you’ll probably be let go.

The attendance policy goes a little further as well. Tardiness for a shift is also included in the attendance policy, and you can only be tardy three times in six months without getting counseling.

The good news is that these two policies are separate, so you can have two absences and up to three tardies in six months and still comply. But, counseling for attendance is combined, so if you’re counseled three times for attendance, whether late or absent, you’ll still potentially be fired.

How Does Publix Deal With Sick Time?

Sick time often counts in attendance policies, but in this case, it depends on whether you’re a full-time employee or a part-time employee.

Full-time employees are eligible for paid sick time after 90 days of employment. So if you get ill and have sick time to cover it, you might not be dinged for an absence.

It’s a good idea to get a doctor’s note covering any sick time you take, especially if you need to call out for more than one day in a row.

The longer you work for Publix, the more sick time you’ll likely get per year. Long-time employees can have up to two weeks of sick time, while newly hired employees will only get five sick days a year.

If you wake up feeling sick, it’s important to call out through the attendance line and let your manager or direct supervisor know as soon as possible. If you have an afternoon or evening shift, it’s a good idea to let them know as soon as you’re sure you’re going to call out and to give at least one hour’s notice before the shift starts.

That gives your supervisor or manager a chance to see if someone else can call in, rearrange shift duties, and ensure the shift runs as smoothly as possible.

What Does Publix Do About No Call No Shows?

No-call no-shows can sometimes be grounds for immediate termination, depending on the business and where you live. No matter where you live, no-call, no-showing is taken seriously. It can be a big deal.

At Publix, a no-call no-show is treated like an absence and counts toward your two absence in six months limit. That may be in addition to any other penalties for a no-call no-show.

Of course, sometimes extenuating circumstances may excuse a no-call no-show. If you were unable to call in during your shift and also unable to make it to work, you might be able to get the absence excused, but only if you have proof of the reason.

For instance, if you’re in a car accident somewhere with no cell signal, you should get a copy of the police statement from the accident and notes from any doctors you see after the accident. That will help prove that you were in an accident and that you were somewhere that plausibly didn’t have a cell signal or weren’t in a condition to make a call.

What About Disability And Attendance?

If you’re working at Publix and have a documentable disability that might require some lenience on your work schedule and the attendance policy, it’s a good idea to speak with HR and your doctor about getting your disability documented and getting specific accommodations.

There are many different ways disability accommodations can be handled, depending on your situation, where you work, what department you’re in, and even whether you work part or full-time at Publix.

That said, getting attendance accommodations is usually possible if your disability warrants it. Just be prepared that getting accommodations can be a process and that you need to have good attendance and stay in good standing with the company in the meantime.

How Do You Let Publix Know When You Need To Call Out?

You should make two different calls if you work at Publix and need to call out for your shift, or even just let them know that you’re running a little late.

The first is the official attendance line. When you’re hired at Publix, you’ll be given a card with the attendance phone number on it. It’s a good idea to program the number into your phone.

You should also contact your direct manager or supervisor as soon as possible. Save their number on your phone as well. Talk with them about whether a call, text, or email is the best way to reach them and how much information they need when you call out. As long as you follow their instructions, you should be okay.

There it is! Everything you need to know about Publix’s new attendance policy, how it works, and how you can protect yourself from attendance consequences.

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