How Does Publix Buy One Get One Free Work

Have you ever seen those small blue signs at Publix Supermarkets with a red line on top saying BOGO? Publix Supermarkets are famous for fantastic Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals. Whenever a specific item is on sale, shoppers race to get what they need (and sometimes more) to make the most of the sale. But what makes BOGO deals exactly work?

These deals change twice a week and are sometimes so good that they cannot be missed.

Publix will change items that fall under the BOGO deal twice a week. BOGO deals are promoted through various displays in the front of the store, and when the time is here to update the sale, employees will change product tags to show the ticketed price when the deal is active.

Believe it or not, there is more to BOGO deals. So, what else is there for you to know?

What is a BOGO Deal?

The Buy One Get One deal, or BOGO is when a customer purchases two identical products by paying the total price of a single item. The benefit of buying two is receiving each product at half the usual price and, in some cases, purchasing in bulk to take advantage of the sale. The items must be the same size and brand and are typically stocked together at the store to prevent confusion.

Knowing how to get the most out of BOGO deals is essential to maximize value per dollar. Additionally, these deals allow customers to stock up on their favorite products, like boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese, where they would otherwise have to pay more for the same item.

Depending on the location, customers can expect a change in BOGO deals every Wednesday or Thursday. You can also expect to find BOGO deals whenever supply exceeds the demand, such as after a natural disaster or major holiday. BOGO deals also come around on Sundays; usually targeting snack products, frozen foods, fresh produce, and meat.

Using two coupons on BOGO

According to, there is a limit of two coupons per customer per item, and one must be a manufacturer’s coupon for both to qualify. Additionally, the items covered by both coupons must be identical, as the package size or quantity must match what is on the coupon itself.

However, if a customer carries a competitor’s coupon, Publix will price match if the coupon is better than what Publix is offering. This store policy is excellent when coming across buy one, get two deals from other locations.

In a way, this is an added benefit for Publix shoppers and is a trick that not many know.

Build your own Bogo

What about if you want to create your own BOGO deal? Publix tried this once. In 2015, the Sun-Sentinal announced that Publix was launching a facelift to its Buy One Get One system by introducing Mix-and-Match freebies.

To break this down, you would need to buy two products already labeled as a BOGO, but they did not have to be of equal value. After that, the checkout process would work the same, where one item would be free. Unfortunately, this deal was temporary, as it expired on November 11, 2015.

Since then, Publix has not brought this deal back to its stores, but they change BOGO deals so often during the week that at some point during the year, you should be able to find your favorite items on sale and take advantage and buy them in bulk.

Build Your Own BOGO presented itself as a loss to Publix. Since the items were not required to match in value, stores saw an influx of shoppers buying other products in combination with one or two higher-priced items. Not to be discouraged, but there are different ways to incorporate savings into your shopping experience.

If you go into a Publix now you can expect to find a build your own BOGO, but only with items of the same brand and similar in type. For example, just today I found a BOGO of frozen chicken pot pies and frozen turkey pot pies. Have a look at the receipt below:

The count of 4 per box was the same, and so was the brand. And, as you can see form the receipt, I was able to save a cool $12.99 by opting to get the BOGO deal. Normally, I’d pay double the price!

Maximize your savings

Believe it or not, more can be done to add to savings at Publix. By googling Publix Supermarket or going directly to, you can create an account and enter your general information.

Then, as you work through the pages to set up, Publix will ask for your phone number, home address, email, and birthday. The user-provided information helps Publix optimize the shopping experience and notify user-specific deals in your area.

When this setup is complete, location-tailored deals will appear on the weekly AD and digital coupons. Additionally, online Publix lists deals not featured in the weekly ads.

Therefore, allowing users to save more money than they would by using a BOGO deal alone. Remember that these discounts apply as coupons and some as “cash back” or will work once the customer selects the deal.

Setting up an account with Publix will add the customer to the mailing list, where not only will they receive the weekly ad through the mail, but they also receive email blasts with exclusive offers that otherwise would not be advertised.

To summarize, this is what is needed to optimize your savings:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Provide mailing and contact information to receive the weekly digital ad
  3. Clip digital coupons and check for BOGO deals weekly.

The Darkside of BOGOs

Just like there is an advantage to BOGO sales, there is a disadvantage. Remember to limit buying bulk to nonperishable items with a long shelf life. Think of cookies, loaves of bread, and cereals.

Otherwise, the purchased items will go bad before being enjoyed. Fortunately, most BOGO items are nonperishables, at least the ones in the stands right when one enters the store. If it requires refrigeration, it is an item that lasts a few months if stored properly, like ice cream.

Business Finance Articles wrote about BOGO deals and suggested that this business tactic contributes to global obesity and food waste and takes advantage of the psychological impacts of the word “free.” When something is labeled “free,” it creates a psychological reaction that makes consumers want to buy more because it makes them feel good.

Not necessarily at Publix, but some more devious stores use this tactic and increase the price of one item. When was the last time that you saw something for sale or free? Did you end up making that purchase?

Be an informed shopper

Avid couponers are quick to identify what good deals are out there. Today, there are a lot of apps that work to provide coupons and opportunities for shoppers to save money. A savvy shopper will know how to combine these offers to maximize savings.

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