What Time Does Publix Start Making Subs

The submarine sandwich is one of the most popular lunch choices in America. Although there are many places to get a sub sandwich, many Florida, Georgia, South, and North Carolina residents will suggest the Publix Deli counter. If you’re thinking about trying a deli sandwich from Publix, here are a few things to know.

Publix starts making subs around 7 AM. Most Publix chains open at 7 AM. However, remember that some store hours vary, so double-check with your local Publix before venturing out to get a famous Publix sub. 

Now that you know that Publix starts making subs around 7 AM, here’s a guide on how to make the most of your Publix deli trip. 

Different Types of Orders

There are different ways to order Publix subs based on your needs and time restrictions. 

  • In-Store
    • At the Publix deli counter, there is a friendly deli specialist that can assemble a sandwich to your liking. 
  • Online 
    • Using the Publix website or app to order your sub online is the best way to customize multiple subs at once. If you’re ordering dinner for a family of four or more, consider ordering your Publix subs online. 
  • Delivery 
    • While ordering via the Publix website or app, you may get the option to have your subs delivered. Like the grocery delivery service, Publix delivers subs with Instacart. 
  • Catering
    • Publix catering service provides over 100 different deli options for large groups. Consider speaking with a deli specialist 24 hours or more in advance to have Publix subs at your next event. 

Customizing Subs In-Store

If you find yourself craving a sub after grocery shopping, consider ordering a sub from the Publix deli before you leave. You can approach the Publix deli counter and order a sub in person.

The Publix deli begins making sandwiches at 7 AM, so you can pick up a sandwich for lunch no matter how early your shopping trip starts. The menu options will be available on a menu above the deli counter, and you can see the deli employee make the sandwich right in front of you.

Customizing Subs Online

Once you decide on your sandwich type, you can customize it. Publix offers a wide range of veggies, cheese, and add-ons like guacamole and bacon so that you can make your sandwich your own. Once your sandwich is customized, you can choose to have it toasted or pressed.

Publix offers a combo deal where you can combine your sub with chips and a drink. Make your selection and confirm the store location for pickup. You will then be prompted to check out and choose your pickup time. Your sub should be located in the online order pickup area when you get to the store.


The delivery option is a great way to have your subs delivered to your home or office. Keep in mind that Instacart has a delivery minimum of $10, so consider this an option for bigger orders, or choose to make your sub a combo with chips and a drink.

If you opt for Instacart to deliver your subs, you will have to make an Instacart account and schedule your order ahead of time. Try to schedule your delivery time 2-3 hours ahead so it arrives on time. 


If you’re looking to feed a large group of people for an event, consider using the Publix catering service to order a wide variety of Publix deli subs.

Although Publix requires 24-hour notice for all catering orders, the Publix deli platters are a convenient and delicious way to feed many. Consider ordering online or consulting a deli specialist 24 hours ahead to schedule a catering order for any event. 

Choosing a Sub 

Whether you’re ordering in-store or online, you must determine what kind of sub you’d like. The Publix deli offers a wide range of subs and wraps based on location. You can choose from premade options like the Boar’s Head Italian Sub or the Famous Chicken Tender PubSub.

You can customize your sub with toppings and condiments. There is even an option to get your sub toasted or pressed. With over 30 sandwich options, the possibilities are endless. 

Best Time to Order

The best way to order a Publix sub is online if you’re in a hurry. Your order can be ready within 25 minutes, depending on how busy the deli is. Publix is very popular throughout the Southeast for its variety of sub sandwiches. Many customers visit the Publix cafe on their lunch break or stop for a quick and easy dinner option. The Publix deli is usually busy daily from 12 PM – 6 PM. 


There is a reason Publix subs are famous throughout the Southeast. Publix offers a wide array of both hot and cold sandwich menu items. The opportunities are endless when it comes to ordering a Publix sub. Whether you order in-store or online, know that Publix starts making subs as early as 7 AM.

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