How To Quit Walmart – Notice, Final Pay, & Proper Etiquette

Deciding to leave a job can be challenging, especially when figuring out the proper way to quit. I’ve left my fair share of jobs over the years, and it’s never easy. However, quitting a job with proper etiquette is sure to go a long way in future relationships.

You might wonder if some of the same rules should apply to a place like Walmart. With their large size, surely they’ll find another person to fill your shoes. However, it’s important that if you do quit Walmart, you do it the right way, which is professional.

Below are the essentail steps to take when you quit Walmart:

  1. Develop a plan and decide how to inform your manager about your decision to leave Walmart.
  2. Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your resignation and be honest about your reasons for leaving.
  3. Offer to serve a two-week notice, if necessary, or resign over the phone if you prefer.
  4. Be respectful and professional throughout the process.
  5. Prepare for the transition by completing outstanding work and handing over responsibilities to colleagues.

Its really that simple to do! Theres also online options to resign from your post as well. Lets get into some of hte reasons why people quit Wwlmart, handling final matters, and more as you move on to your next employment opportunity.

Reasons to Quit Walmart

As a Walmart employee, you may come across various situations that may lead you to consider quitting your job. Its a little different for everyone, but you probably fit into one of the following scenarios:

Stress and Work Environment

Walmart’s intense workload and high-pressure environment can make it challenging for many employees. This can be the case if you work in one of the busier Walmarts in your area. Or, it can the nature of your position such as the customer service desk where you’re bound to run into headaches.

Maybe you’re moving and lifting boxes and products, or have to work an extra shift because someone can’t come in. Whatever the case, these kinds of things are nromal in the retail space, not just Walmart.

Career Goals

If you realize that your current position needs to be aligned with your long-term professional aspirations or the organization needs to provide you with the opportunities necessary for growth and advancement, quitting could be the right move.

Walmart provides some awesome career opportunities, however many of them require a longterm commitment. For most associates, they only take the job to make some quick and consistent money. Many have no intentions of staying longterm, and if they do, things might be compeititve on the way up to a higher up management position for example.

Pursuing a different job or industry may help you achieve your objectives and lead to a more fulfilling career.

Job Offer or Better Opportunity

Walmart offers competitive pay, however you might receive a job offer from another company that presents an opportunity that is more interesting or better suited to your skills and preferences.

This new job offer might come with increased pay, more flexible work hours, better professional growth prospects, or improved work-life balance.

Accepting and pursuing a new position that matches your desires and needs should be considered seriously. This could push you to quit Walmart and move on to another chapter in your professional life.

How to Quit Walmart Professionally

Having moved several jobs myself, I can’t stress enough the importance of bowing out gracefully. Especially with a job like Walmart, you may want to return someday, and how you leave can have an impact on getting rehired.

Resigning from Walmart professionally can create a smooth transition, maintain your positive reputation, and prevent complications.

Inform Your Manager in Person

Speaking with your manager directly is the most respectful way to inform them about your decision to leave Walmart. Schedule a private meeting and calmly express your intentions.

This approach is more considerate than discussing your departure via phone or email, as it promotes open communication and enables you to address any questions or issues that might arise in person.

Theres just something about that face to face connection. You might even find that your management can help provide a path forward in which you may consider staying on the job. I also prefer in person discussions because certain emotions and understanding isnt always easy to communicate via phone.

Write a Resignation Letter

An official resignation letter is essential for documentation purposes, as well as showing your gratitude and professionalism. I’d make sure you did this in addition to a verbal exchange.

Your letter should include the following elements:

  • A clear statement of your resignation
  • Your designated last day of employment
  • A brief explanation for your departure (optional)
  • An expression of gratitude for the opportunity to work at Walmart
  • A willingness to help during the transition period if needed

Submitting your resignation letter in paper or digital format can serve as a record of your notice, securing your last working day and protecting your interests.

Give a Notice Period

Providing a notice period, typically two weeks, is advised when resigning from Walmart. This time allows Walmart to find a replacement or adjust your team’s workload. Giving adequate notice ensures a positive exit, avoiding any disruptions that might cause resentment or burn bridges with your employer.

Handling Final Matters

As you prepare to leave Walmart, handling the final matters professionally and courteously is important. Below are some steps to guide you through the process:

Request Your W2 Form

Whether you’re leaving on good terms or due to termination, requesting your W2 form from Walmart for tax purposes is essential. Contact the Human Resources department at your store and submit a request for your W2. Ensure you provide accurate information and verify your mailing address to receive the form promptly.

Using the Probationary Period

When you start working at Walmart, you’ll typically undergo a probationary period, during which the company evaluates your performance. This period is also an opportunity for you to assess whether the job aligns with your expectations and career goals. If you decide to quit during the probationary period, here are some things to consider:

  • Timing: It’s always a good idea to leave on good terms. Inform your manager about your decision and provide at least two weeks’ notice for a smooth transition. This professional approach helps maintain a positive image within the company.
  • PTO: Review your available Paid Time Off (PTO) balance and discuss with your manager whether you can use it during your notice period or if you’ll be reimbursed for unused PTO upon your departure.
  • Reassignment of projects: Work with your manager to determine which colleagues will take over your projects and responsibilities. Offer suggestions, but ultimately let your manager make the final decisions.

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