Walmart Video Game Return Policy – A Simple Breakdown

Anytime you purchase a video game, you’re excited for the thrill and rush. However, in my experience purchasing video games, sometimes it can leave a lot to be desired. Either the game isn’t what you thought it would be, or it may have a defect. In either case, a good return policy helps protect you from being stuck with that game, and many times, you can exchange it if needed.

I usually purchase my games from dedicated stores like Gamestop. However, retail stores offer competitive pricing and good return policies as well. Walmart for example, has a very flexible game return policy which is detailed below:

Video Game ConditionReturn Window
Unopened90 days
OpenedExchange for the same title (due to defect)

Walmart Video Game Return Policy Basics

While the general timeline for returning games to Walmart is reasonable, there are some other factors you should think about. For example, what happens if you don’t have the original packaging or if you’ve lost your receipt? Let’s get into it.

Original Packaging Requirements

Keeping the original packaging intact is essential to successfully return or exchange a video game. According to Walmart’s return policy, all new titles must be returned with a receipt and original packaging.

It’s crucial to keep that packaging and receipt handy in case you need to make a return or exchange.

Losing your receipt is easy, trust me. Thankfully, Walmart does have a receipt lookup tool that you can use to find your purchases. You can also scan your receipts into the app right after you purchase you game, but do your best to keep a hard copy on hand.

Exceptions to the General Return Policy

When it comes to returning video games at Walmart, there are a few important differences to note.

Opened Video Games

Unlike other items, if you’ve opened the packaging for a video game, your options become more limited. In this case, Walmart will only allow you to exchange the opened game for the same title.

This means you can’t return an opened game for a refund or store credit, and you won’t be able to exchange it for a different title. Make sure you’re certain about your purchase before opening the game box.

Defective Items

It’s common for electronic items to have defects or encounter issues. Walmart understands this and makes accommodations for customers who encounter defective video games.

If you discover that your video game has a defect, Walmart will allow you to exchange it for a replacement of the same title, even if the game’s packaging has been opened. To complete the exchange, you’ll need to present a valid photo ID and the credit card you used to make the purchase.

Keep in mind that Walmart’s video game return policy is limited to 90 days from the date of purchase. So, checking your game for defects and functionality within this time frame is important. Otherwise, you might miss out on the opportunity to return or exchange your game.

Remember that while Walmart aims to provide a straightforward return policy for most items, video games have specific exceptions that should be considered when making your purchases.

Refunds and Store Credit

Understanding how refunds and store credits work will make your experience smoother when it comes to Walmart’s video game return policy. This section will explore two key aspects: the proof of purchase required and the different return options available.

Proof of Purchase

To return a video game at Walmart, ensure you have your receipt handy, as it serves as proof of purchase. This is important because all new titles must be returned within 90 days of purchase with a receipt and the original packaging.

Your return might only be accepted with a receipt, and you could lose the opportunity to receive a refund or store credit.

Return Options

Walmart’s return policy is quite accommodating when it comes to returning unopened or defective video games for a full refund within 90 days. However, being aware of the limitations when returning opened video games is essential.

If you need to return an opened video game, note that Walmart only allows an exchange for a replacement of the same title without any refund or store credit being provided.

Returning Online Purchases

In-store purchases and online purchases have some slight differences. With that said, lets talk about how to return online purchases, including video games, at Walmart and the differences in the return process for both and Marketplace Seller purchases. Return Process

If you want to return a video game purchased from, you can initiate the return process by logging into your Walmart account. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on “purchase history.”
  2. Navigate to the item you want to return.
  3. Click “start a return” beside the item.

After completing these steps, you’ll have the option to print out a free return shipping label. Keep in mind that most unopened video games can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Marketplace Seller Returns

For video games purchased from a Marketplace Seller, the return process differs slightly from purchases. Each Marketplace Seller has its own return policy, so it’s essential to check the specific policy for the Seller you bought the item from.

If the Marketplace Seller return policy allows for a return or exchange, follow the same steps as for the return process:

  1. Log into your Walmart account.
  2. Click on “purchase history.”
  3. Find the item you want to return.
  4. Click “start a return” beside the item.

While returning a video game to Walmart or a Marketplace Seller, keep the receipt, your valid photo ID, and the credit card used for the purchase, as they may be required during the return process.

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