Lowe’s Loading Policy – How It Works

These days, many of us are making home improvements. Whether repainting walls to cover old picture holes or tearing out and replacing an entire kitchen, many of us turn to Lowe’s for our supplies. However, these supplies are often heavy and awkward, so some Lowe’s customers struggle to get their purchases into a vehicle.

Therefore, Lowe’s employees can help you get your purchase into the car, van, truck, or another vehicle. Alternatively, you can have larger items delivered directly to your home, typically by a driver from the fulfillment center. And finally, you can always mail order items and deliver them from the Lowe’s warehouse.

Let’s look at each of these options.

Have a store employee load your vehicle

For smaller in-store purchases, loading them into the car is the best way to get your supplies home. Lowe’s has a long-standing corporate policy of having employees assist customers with loading. To access this service, ask your cashier or the customer service desk. They will send an employee out to help as soon as one is available.

The employee will frequently meet you at the cash register so you can walk out to the car together. Easy, right?

Keep this in mind though. The retail employee must provide assistance if the items being purchased are too bulky or hefty to be safely loaded by the customer. If extra help is needed, a second employee should be summoned without delay in order to ensure successful loading of those products.

Following that, the retail employee should ensure that the customer’s vehicle is able to safely carry home their products. This entails examining both the dimensions and mass of items against those limits for which the automobile can sustain – if not suitable, then staff could recommend other arrangements such as delivery or renting a car fitting these requirements.

Lowe’s truck delivery

Next, there’s truck delivery. This process bypasses commercial carrier shipping because Lowe’s makes the delivery. They may dispatch the truck from your local store or use a fulfillment center within 75 miles. Either way, you’ll get your items quickly.

You will also have a truck delivery if you’re purchasing installation services.

Traditional shipping

Finally, if you live far enough away from a Lowe’s store or warehouse, you may need commercial carrier shipping. This is free on orders over $45 and tends to be a bit slower than delivery from within your area.

Are there limits to Lowe’s employees loading your vehicle?

There are some restrictions regarding loading some items on top of your vehicle rather than inside. For instance, they may not strap a 2 x 4 to the top of your car for safety reasons. There were also restrictions during the height of the COVID emergency, whereby Lowe’s had restrictions on loading products into enclosed spaces.

The second restriction is no longer in effect.

The bottom line

Yes, Lowe’s employees will load purchases into your vehicle. However, they must be safe to do so; any items must fit inside your vehicle.

Otherwise, they’ll probably recommend the truck delivery option. If you need your purchases right away but have a smaller vehicle, you might consider borrowing your friend’s pickup truck. Whether it’s your car or a borrowed one, all you need to do is ask for loading help from a Lowe’s employee.

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