Does UPS Have A Tatoo Policy – Here’s The Latest

These days, a great way to obtain a high-paying job is to apply for a driver position at UPS. These union jobs frequently require very little education beyond high school — getting a CDL is pretty easy if you meet the medical requirements.

However, people with visible tattoos must consider company policies before applying. UPS is no exception, especially when the delivery drivers potentially deal with customers all day.

Until 2021, UPS had one of the nation’s strictest tattoo policies. Specifically, any tattoos that would normally be visible while wearing the uniform must be covered up using tattoo sleeves or cosmetics while on duty.

The prohibition applied regardless of the tattoo type — even a rose on a wrist would be impermissible, as would a tribute to a dead relative.

Many Tattoos Are Now Allowed Working For UPS

However, UPS changed its policy. Now, many tattoos are allowed, even in uniform. Employees can display their tattoos anywhere except for the hands, head, face, and neck. If you have any tattoos in those areas, you’ll still have to cover them up.

In addition, UPS has restrictions on imagery. Tattoos cannot be offensive to anyone, so the rose on the wrist is most likely fine. On the other hand, gang tattoos are generally prohibited.

So are tattoos with four-letter words, obscene gestures, discriminatory messages, and similar themes. In other words, if it makes people uncomfortable for reasons other than simply being a tattoo, you’re probably in a gray area.

Practically speaking, the UPS tattoo policy has significant room for discretion. For example, hiring managers might ignore a tattooed wedding band. Likewise, it’s often hard to determine whether or not a tattoo can be considered offensive. It’ll be interesting to see how UPS management interprets the rules.

In closing, since 2021, many tattoos are okay to display, even if you’re a driver. However, there is room for interpretation of this rule. Discretion is advised.

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