Where Is Lemon Juice In Walmart – Aisle And Location

When shopping at Walmart, you might wonder where to find lemon juice from the various products. No one likes walking around aimlessly to find what they need, and I’ve seen this question come up a lot, surprisingly.

Generally, you can find lemon juice in the produce and juice aisles at Walmart. You can also locate lemon juice on the condiments aisle and sometimes on the baking aisle. The aisle number is typically A22 or A23 depending on the store layout.

Using the Walmart+ App To Locate Lemon Juice 

Anytime I need to find something in Walmart, I save myself the headache and just download the Walmart+ App. One main reason for this is that you can use this handy app to search for items in your local Walmart store by zip code, streamlining the process of locating the lemon juice you need.

So for example, if I’m in another community shopping for something, I can choose the store I want and itll generate the aisle locations for that specific stores layout. Although most Walmarts look the same, there’s always a slight variance, so don’t just assume everyting is where you normally see it at.

The Various Aisle You Can Locate Lemon Juice in Walmart

If not using the Walmart App is your thing, then thats okay. I can point you to a few places you can expect to find lemon juice. And keep in mind, not aisles will have the same seleciton or bottle sizes, but these are the places I always look.

Non-Refrigerated Juice Aisle

As you stroll through the non-refrigerated juice aisle, keep your eyes peeled for bottles of lemon juice. 

This is a common spot to find larger bottles of lemon juice, making it an ideal place to start your search. You’ll often find lemon juice amidst other fruit juices, such as apple and orange, so the usually green or yellow bottles stick out easily.

Condiments Aisle

I don’t really consider lemon juice a condiment, but Walmart still places bottles here anyway in my local store.

Here, you’ll encounter smaller bottles of lemon juice nestled between these flavorful items. This area is also a great place to look for lime juice or even exciting varieties of lemon juice, like organic or flavored versions.

Baking Aisle

I use lemon juice a lot when im baking pastries and sweet treats. So, pay attention to the baking aisle, as lemon juice is often used as a popular ingredient in various baking recipes. 

Check the shelves near ingredients like baking powder, food coloring, and extracts. You might find a hidden gem of a bottle hidden among cake mixes and cookie decorating supplies.

Produce Section

Lastly, venture into the lush greenery of the produce section. Keep an eye out for a refrigerated display featuring fresh lemon juice, usually near other juices made from fresh-squeezed fruits. 

This area can be a treasure trove for those seeking a more natural or premium quality lemon juice option to elevate their dishes.

Brands Of Lemon Juice You Can Expect To Find In Walmart

Although most lemon juice tasters the same, there are some that provide higher quality than others. And, of course some not so good ones too. Here are a few brands of lemon juice you can expect to find in your local Walmart.


ReaLemon is a popular brand offering 100% lemon juice in a convenient 4.5 fl oz bottle. With a price hovering around $45 for a pack of 12, this option is perfect for those looking for quality lemon juice without breaking the bank. Customers appreciate the natural taste and ease of use this product offers.

Great Value

Consider Walmart’s house brand, Great Value, for a more budget-friendly option. Their lemon juice comes in a generous 32 fl oz bottle, priced around $3. So yes, its the cost-effective choice making it popular among shoppers.

Organic Options

If you prefer organic products, Walmart also has a variety of organic lemon juice options. But, as with most organic products, expecd to pay a pretty penny for it. For example, the Suja Classic Master Cleanse Organic Lemon Juice is available in 16 Fluid Ounce bottles, costing $77.30 for a 6-per-case package.

Another organic choice is Volcano Bursts Organic Lemon Juice. These organic selections cater to the needs of health-conscious shoppers, providing them with quality lemon juice options.

In addition to the brands listed above, other brands of lemon juice you can find at Walmart include:

  • Concord Foods
  • Iberia
  • Goya
  • Rose’s

Purchase and Delivery Options

If you don’t want to stress about shopping in the store for lemon juice, you can always have someone else do it for you. By that I mean simply adding the item to your cart via the Walmart App, and then choosing your pickup or delivery option.

I like using this option when there’s a very specific type of item I need and locating it is more of a chore and hassle than it should be. I also like ordering my items online because I can see if the store currently has it in stock. There’s nothing more annoying than venturing in for lemon juice only to find they don’t have hte brand or quantity I want.

Then of course, if I’m not in a rush, ill just have them do grocery delivery for me.

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