Why Can’t I Cancel My Walmart Order – Here’s How To Fix It

We all love shopping online. Sometimes late-night shopping sprees can lead to poor decisions, and you’re ready to cancel the whole order by the next morning. It doesn’t work, so you frantically start researching; why can’t I cancel my Walmart order?

You can’t cancel your Walmart order because it has already been fulfilled, shipped, or delivered. Sometimes, Walmart limits how long you have for a pickup order in-store. 

You may have a mini heart attack when you see that you cannot cancel your items. I’ll go through some reasons why you can’t cancel your order and give you tips on what to do if you end up receiving your items. Keep reading to learn more!

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Cancel My Walmart Order

There is always a reason why you can’t cancel your Walmart order. Take a look at these reasons to see if any of these match your situation. 

Your Order Is Being Fulfilled

You cannot cancel your order when your order is already being fulfilled.

Fulfillment happens when the warehouse employees start picking up your order. It is not ready to be shipped out yet, but the process is starting.

It can glitch the system if you cancel your order at this stage, so some stores don’t allow this to be done. 

Your Order Has Already been Shipped

You can’t cancel your order when the order has shipped.

Once your order has shipped, there is nothing the store can do to stop your order. 

The package is already in the world, whether USPS, FedEx, or UPS are shipping it. 

You will need to wait until the package arrives to do anything about it. 

It Has Been Longer Than 30 Minutes Since You Placed Your Pickup Order

Some stores only allow you 30 minutes to cancel your order if you place an order for store pickup. 

Pickup orders can give you less time to cancel your order than a fully online order for shipping.

Now, this situation is a little different. It has less to do with you and more with how the store processes pickup orders.

Most pickup orders are picked up on the same day, so employees must be on top of picking up online pickup orders.

When you’re looking to pick up an order quickly, you’ll be happy that Walmart employees are on top of getting orders ready!

Your Items Have Already Been Delivered

Your items may already be delivered.

If you try to cancel your order two or three after purchasing your order, your order may have already arrived.

In this case, you can double-check your email to see if some or all of your items have been delivered. Walmart will send you another email informing you that your items have arrived.

You should not be surprised that you cannot cancel your order once you have received it!

Someone Has Already Picked Up Your Walmart Order

Someone other than you may have already picked up your pickup order.

Let’s say you place an order at Walmart and tell your husband to pick it up on his way home. After some more thought, you cancel the order and forget to tell your husband that you canceled it. Thus, your husband picks it up.

Suddenly, you’re not able to cancel the order! 

Like how you cannot cancel items that have already been delivered; you can’t cancel an order after it has been picked up, even if it was not by you.

3 Things To Do If You Can’t Cancel Your Order

Thankfully there are a few things you can do if you aren’t able to cancel your order. Not all these tips will get your money back, but you don’t have to feel like you lost out!

Keep The Items

The first thing you can do is keep the items you purchased.

You are often trying to cancel an order because you made a bad decision when shopping online.

If you receive the ordered items, you may not hate what you got, so you can keep what you ordered.

It may have been a splurge or an unnecessary purchase, but you can live with it now that you have it!

Return The Items To The Store

Keep the receipt and return the items to the store.

Items you purchased online from Walmart.com can be returned at the store within the return policy.

Keep your emailed receipt handy, so you can return the items and get your money back. 

Walmart makes the return process relatively easy, though you might end up waiting at Customer Service for a while! 

Give Away Or Sell The Items

You can give away or sell the items you purchased.

You can give the items to someone else if you decide you do not need them, like a family member or friend. This will get it out of your house, but you will not get any money back for it, of course.

With the rise of the marketplace on Facebook, you can also sell items as new on Facebook. There is no guarantee that you will get all your money back, but you can get some of your money back. 

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