Why Doesn’t Walmart Answer The Phone

Have you ever tried calling Walmart for an answer regarding a product or return policy? If you have, you’ve had trouble getting into a contract with them. Sometimes, it may even take multiple tries to get through a particular department until you can speak to a customer representative. Why is it difficult for Walmart to answer their phones?

While answering customer questions is likely a high priority for Walmart employees, doing so over the phone isn’t always accessible, especially during peak shopping. Walmart is a busy store, full of many departments and customers, sometimes outnumbering the help and resources they have to assist their customers.

Customers are a top priority in-person because they are the most likely to make a purchase and create revenue for the business.

You may be wondering if there are any solutions for calling Walmart and getting ahold of a customer associate. Or if there are any alternative methods, you can use to contact the store. Continue reading for a few simple solutions for contacting the store and other methods you can take to find the answers you seek. 

Call During Slow Hours

When Walmart was open 24 hours in the past, it was much easier to identify which time of day may be slower than the rest. Walmart’s employees say the best time to call the store or shop if you’re searching for less busy hours is anytime before noon during the week.

So, you have the best chance of getting a hold of an employee over the phone if you call anytime during weekday mornings. Most Walmarts operate during the hours of 6 am – 11 pm, Mon-Sun.

Make sure to verify with your local store before calling or planning your next shopping trip. If you try calling the store over the weekend, be prepared to have longer wait times because these days are their busiest days of the week. 

In the retail industry, keeping up with worker demand can be challenging. Businesses like Walmart may seem to have too few or too many employees at one time, but the former is the most likely scenario.

Walmart has to take time to interview, hire, and train new employees while also fulfilling the store’s current needs. A lack of employees also contributes to poor phone communication. 

Try Calling a Different Department

When most people call Walmart, they try to contact their customer service department. Well, if you’ve shopped in the store before, you know just how busy the customer service counter is almost any time of the day.

The employees aren’t always able to pick up the phone because they are already helping a line of customers with product questions, returns, and other issues. Other departments, such as the electronics or deli department. Depending on your question, these associates may be available to answer the phone and provide answers. 

If this method doesn’t solve your problem, you can also try calling a separate location. Often, Walmarts will carry many of the same products. If you know of a store that isn’t as busy as the others, consider reaching out to them for assistance. 

Call Corporate

Depending on the question you have, you may be able to call Walmart’s corporate or commercial offices. You can speak to call center representatives who can help answer questions regarding product information, return policies, hours, and the store’s best practices.

These employees are dedicated to answering your calls and have much more availability to do so. 

You can reach Walmart’s general customer service department at 1-800-925-6278. 

Go Online

Walmart’s online platform lets you find information on a store’s hours, locations, return policy, and product availability. If your questions fall into these categories, you’ll have a much faster time finding the answers through their website.

Some filters allow you to see if a specific item is in stock, which location it’s at, and if they can ship it to you. Their website lists current job openings, so if you’re inquiring about that, you can bypass the need to speak to the store and apply directly online. 

If you still have questions after browsing Walmart’s website, you can use their chat feature to instant message a customer service representative.

While these interactions can sometimes be less than instant, it still gives you the option to send a message, continue going on with your day, and check in after a while when they respond. This way, you won’t have to stay on the phone and can continue to check out their site in the meantime. 

You can also email Walmart, but their responses will likely take longer than live chat or over the phone. If you don’t need an answer immediately, consider emailing them at service@walmartcontacts.com. 

Visit a Store

Visiting Walmart in person is always a sure way to have your questions answered promptly. If you cannot get ahold of the store by phone, chances are there will be at least one employee on the sales floor that can assist you. 

Benefits of visiting the store:

  • You’re able to find a customer service representative much easier. 
  • You can ask multiple questions and have an in-depth conversation with a worker. 
  • You can reference the product in real-time if your question involves one. 
  • Not every person working at Walmart answers the phone, so visiting the store provides more people to engage with. 

The Phone Isn’t Your Only Option

As you’ve now learned, there’s a reason why Walmart doesn’t always answer their phone. Busy store hours and a lack of employees contribute to their inability to answer their phones consistently.

But, there are many ways to find the answers you need, such as visiting the store, chatting on their website, calling the corporate office, or sending them an email. The next time you have a question for Walmart, decide which method will get you the fastest and most efficient answer. 

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