Will Home Depot Load Drywall

Doing home renovation projects by yourself can be a unique and rewarding process, but some steps make it complicated along the way. If you are working on building something by yourself, one step that may present challenges is getting the supplies you need home with you from Home Depot. 

One of these oversized items you might need in a renovation is drywall. If you go to Home Depot looking to purchase drywall, you will be pleased to find they have a large selection of drywall sizes to pick from, and Home Depot employees will help you load drywall into your car.

How Does the Loading Service Work?

Home Depot has a special service exclusively focused on helping customers load their cars, called Pro-loaders. This team of store employees has the dedicated job of helping you load up your car, truck, or flatbed truck with the drywall or other building materials you purchased in-store at Home Depot. 

Pro-loaders are trained to assist with all your loading needs, no matter what kind of vehicle you need help fitting your drywall into. They can even operate a forklift or bring additional equipment for loading your order. 

This service is free if you purchase your drywall supplies at a Home Depot store, and it is wonderful because you have the peace of mind of knowing an expert helped you securely load your car while you drive home. 

The pro-loaders service is available every day of the week at Home Depot, making it an extra convenient way to pick up your building supplies. Drywall can be quite heavy and bulky, so this is a great bonus with purchasing this product at Home Depot. 

Do you have to ask for help loading your car at Home Depot?

You should not have to ask for help yourself with loading your car at Home Depot. The store employees are supposed to ask when you are checking out with your items if you need the loading service, no matter what you are purchasing. If you want to confirm before purchasing that someone is available to help, ask a Home Depot employee to place you in the right area of the store to get help from the pro-loading team. 

Be mindful that you may have to be patient while waiting for the pro-loaders at Home Depot to help with your car. At many store locations, only a few store employees qualify for this role, and there is often a backlog of people waiting for the service. 

Will Home Depot load your car with drywall if it’s over the weight limit?

If the Home Depot store employees can tell when they are loading your car that the drywall is causing your car to be too heavy, they will not continue loading the materials. They want to ensure you can safely drive your vehicle home and prevent any accidents from taking place. 

It can be very dangerous if your car gets too heavy, as it can put unnecessary pressure on certain internal parts of the car and can do damage or cause a fire. Home Depot employees want to prevent this from happening for your well-being and to prevent any lawsuits from taking place, so if they suspect it would be dangerous for you to drive the drywall home, they will prevent you from doing so. 

However, in some cases, if a customer truly insists, Home Depot may make you sign a waiver that they are not liable if something happens with your car while driving home. Home Depot is not liable for anything that happens once you drive out of their parking lot with your new drywall loaded into the car. 

What to do if your car isn’t big enough to fit drywall?

If your car is not large enough to accommodate the drywall, or the pro-loaders team doesn’t think it safely fits in your car, they may ask you to return at a later date to pick up your product. Your Home Depot store will hold your purchase for a few days if you need additional time to return to the store with a bigger vehicle to pick up the drywall. 

If you don’t have the option to return with a larger vehicle, customers can purchase drywall online from Home Depot’s website. They sell many of the same products online, and orders over $45 get shipped to your home for free. 

This is a super handy way to avoid going to the store and getting the drywall loaded if you know what you need in advance. Home Depot even offers two-day delivery on some of its products, so you should receive your order fairly quickly, which is great if you are waiting on it for a home renovation project! 

Tips for Getting Drywall Loaded at Home Depot 

  1. When you are planning to purchase drywall at Home Depot, make sure to bring your biggest vehicle with you to make the process easier. If none of your cars are large enough to accommodate the drywall, consider renting a small truck for the day still to take advantage of Home Depot’s free loading service. It’s always worth asking if one of your friends has a car or flatbed truck you can also borrow for the day! 
  2. Visit the store when they open to get the best customer service. Home Depot stores are always the most crowded on the weekends, meaning fewer employees are available to assist you and more people in the stores. Visiting first thing when they open allows you to be the first in line to get your car loaded up and cuts down on the amount of time the whole process will take. 
  3. Make sure you come to the store prepared. It will make your life much easier if you avoid multiple trips to Home Depot. Make sure you have the correct dimensions and the amount of drywall you will need before you start the project. 

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