How Many Departments Does Home Depot Have

Like any major store, Home Depot is a mega store for everything related to home repair and remodeling jobs. Of course, they provide those products for both residential and commercial applications. But if you have never been, an indication that you may have been living under a rock, it could be an overwhelming experience when you walk in or go to their website.

Home Depot has 22 major departments within its stores. You will be able to find them clearly labeled in their physical stores and online on their website. Of course, these are the major departments with sub-areas down to the smallest details and products. 

Although it may seem like a lot, Home Depot does make it easy to understand. And navigating their website ranks easily to the level of a first grader. So follow along for a few more details on how the departments are structured and how you can orient yourself to find exactly what you are looking for. 

What The Home Depot Department Are

The major departments are the following:

  • Appliances
  • Bath
  • Blinds & Window Treatments
  • Building Materials
  • Cleaning & Janitorial
  • Decor & Furniture
  • Doors & Windows
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Grounds & Pool
  • Hardware
  • HVAC
  • Kitchen
  • Lighting & Ceiling Fans
  • Lumber & Composites
  • Paint & Paint Supplies
  • Plumbing
  • Safety
  • Security, Locks & Door Locks
  • Shipping, Moving & Storage
  • Smart Home
  • Tools

No rule is written in stone that those are the same departments that another home improvement store needs to have; each store labels its departments the way they best see fit. But if you go to a competitor like Lowe’s, for example, they have mostly the same departments, with slight name variations.

Inside each of these departments, you will find sub-sections; for example, in the paint department, you can find a section for exterior paint and another area for interior paint. You can also find things like paint supplies and so on, you get the point. 

How To Reach Those Different Departments if Calling In

One of the most annoying things when calling massive retailers such as Home Depot is calling the main store number, trying to reach a specific department, and then being placed on hold by the person that answers. It is not personal against them; they may just be trying to get a hold of the right person.

But a little trick I learned a while back is that all the Home Depot stores are programmed for the extensions the same way; the main phone number differs.

The department numbers are all two-digit numbers, and the extensions are all three. And you reach the extension by putting a zero in front of the department number. Here are a few of the most common departments people are always trying to reach:

  • 023, 059 – Floor and wall/ Decor (blinds)
  • 024 – Paint
  • 025 – Hardware
  • 026 – Plumbing
  • 027 – Electrical
  • 029 – kitchen and bath
  • 070 – Appliances (depending on the store, it can also be 029)

How to Quickly Find any Product at Home Depot

Although it is practically impossible for every Home Depot store to have the same layout, you will be happy to know that all the stores have the same aisles. This is good because if you have found a specific product in an aisle before but find yourself in another part of town looking for the same product, head over to the same aisle, and you will find it there.

Stores have been specifically designed like this for this reason. But if you don’t know and can’t find a store representative on the floor to help, make use of your handy phone.

Home Depot has a very useful app that you download on your phone and has the feature of inputting keywords that will yield products according to your search.

Once you see the product you are looking for, the app will tell you which aisle number to find it at. Isn’t that awesome? I think so! So no more wasting time waiting for the one rep you have to hunt down to answer that simple question; look it up. 

How The Aisles are Labeled at Home Depot

The cool thing is that the whole place is labeled like a well-kept warehouse when you walk into the Home Depot store. You will find the different departments in aisles that are numerically labeled with big banners at the entrance of each aisle with a further breakdown of what that aisle contains. But if that is too confusing for you, wait till you hear this. 

Knowing that many customers had difficulty finding items inside the store, Home Depot partnered with Google Maps to facilitate customer orientation even more. So for Android users, when they are inside any Home Depot, they can zoom in on their google maps, and they will find a map of that specific store showing exactly where the different departments are. How cool is that!

Overall, although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, Home Depot has divided its product offerings into logical departments and sub-divisions. Adapting to the present time and utilizing technology to its full potential to facilitate the information to the customer.

Furthermore, finding your way inside the store’s 22 departments is now easier than ever, and Home Depot has been a leader in how they structure their stores and service the customer.

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