Will Home Depot Help Load Your Car

A trip to Home Depot rarely ends with light items to put into your car. It can be daunting thinking about how you will load your car, so you start to wonder, will Home Depot help load your car?

Home Depot has a team of employees that will help you load your car. If these employees are unavailable or busy, you do have other options, like bringing help with you, asking other associates, or seeing if another customer will help you. You can also wait until you have adequate help or sign up for delivery. 

Home Depot has a team to help you load your car, but you still have other options if those employees aren’t available. Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the staffers that will help and other things you can do to load your car.

Who Helps Load Cars At Home Depot?

Home Depot has a dedicated team of employees to help load your car after you make a purchase.

There are team members at Home Depot whose duty is to help you load your car, but most stores will only have one or two associates available to help you load your car after you make a purchase.

Loading team employees may be unable to help you because:

  • The associate is on break
  • The associate is helping other customers
  • The associate is unable to load your vehicle because your product is too heavy for your vehicle
  • You did not ask for help loading your vehicle
  • A forklift that they need is unable at the moment

Other Ways To Load Your Car At Home Depot

The help that Home Depot provides is not the only way that you can load your car after making a purchase.

Bring Your Own Help

The easiest way to get your car loaded is to bring people with you to help you.

You can bring anyone with you to provide an extra hand while loading your car, including:

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Friends

Family and friends are people you know and trust, so you don’t have to worry as much about your products getting damaged while loading.

Ask Other Store Associates

Other store associates may be able to help you load your car.

Home Depot has dedicated team members to help you load your car, but that doesn’t mean that other associates won’t help you.

Now, it isn’t guaranteed that you will get other store associates to help you, especially if you are at the store while it is busy.

A worker on the floor or a cashier without a line may give you a hand to quickly put something in your car.

Be nice and ask politely; it may get you far. If not, be pleasant when the store associate says they cannot help you.

See If Other Shoppers Will Help You

Sometimes other shoppers will help you.

Now, this isn’t something that I would recommend doing because you can annoy other shoppers.

However, it is not uncommon for others to help me when they see me struggling with something, especially while you are in the parking lot.

If you are in a pinch and need help loading something into your car, a kind stranger could indeed take a few minutes to help you.

Wait Until You Can Get Help

If you know that someone will be available to help at another time, you can wait until someone can help you. This can be a store employee, a friend, or a family member.

When you’re trying to get a project done at home, you may be tempted to get the items you need as fast as possible at the expense of having someone help you.

Projects that aren’t an immediate necessity can wait until you have adequate help. Lifting something heavy or awkward can lead to injuries or a broken item.

A little bit of patience can go a long way in saving your back!

Get Your Items Delivered

Home Depot and similar stores offer delivery on most items, though you may have to pay for the delivery.

Sometimes the best option for items that you need is to get the items delivered.

Look at this chart to understand how much delivery can cost.

Type Of Item And ShippingCost
Small items from websiteFree over $45
Standard delivery for large or heavy itemsVaries based on location; speak to local store
2 or 4 hour time window on large or heavy itemsAdditional fee on top of standard delivery fees

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