Will Publix Steam Shrimp For You

It is no surprise that, nowadays, the key to winning and keeping customers is all about customization. And in the world of supermarkets, the number one title for people to please goes to Publix. After all, their slogan says it all – “Publix – Where Shopping is a Pleasure.” So have you ever pushed the limits and wondered if they would go beyond just offering fresh seafood, such as shrimp, to steaming it for you?

Publix will not only steam your favorite seafood, such as shrimp or lobster, but they will also season it for you. So for those who love seafood but feel overwhelmed with the preparation of it, worry no more. Want to know how to go about getting this done? Read along to find out.

The answer seems simple enough, but I am sure you have more questions, like how exactly the order can be placed or if you will get the bland steamed version or the jazzed-up season version. Read along to get more details on Publix’s awesome and convenient service.

Where you need to go within Publix to get your shrimp steamed.

If while you are shopping, you decide that you want to buy some shrimp and have it steamed right there and then, then you can head over to the Seafood Department.

Although the supermarket already has pre-packaged steamed shrimp, you can also pick from the seafood counter section and request that department workers steam the shrimp for you. Of course, you can ask any employees for guidance since they are always willing to help, but for the sure bet, head straight to that department. 

It is not unusual to ask for it, and they are accustomed to getting these requests. They will steam shrimp and any other seafood at no extra cost. So, if you have one of those days where you are pressed for time or thinking of ordering it for a special day, Publix has your back!

Can I get the shrimp steamed only at the store?

I am not going to generalize because there are exceptions to every rule, but in my experience and having called multiple Publix stores to find out, the only way to get a steamed order is by physically being there. Publix offers the service online to “Order Ahead,” but they do not have the functionality once you place the shrimp order in the cart to request it to be steamed.

This means that you cannot place such order via phone or app, as many of the services in other areas that you may be accustomed to.

On the upside, they are super fast at getting the order done, so if this is something you want, it would be recommended to head straight to the seafood section and place the order. Then proceed with the shopping and return to pick up the order when ready to check out.

How much more will it cost you to get the shrimp steamed?

You will be happy to know there is no additional cost to getting this service done at Publix. What you will pay will be based on what type of shrimp you decide to get and what quantity. I guess that’s one of the reasons why they don’t have the option of ordering ahead or through an app because they want you to see the product that you are getting, particularly when it comes to seafood.

So it is your decision which shrimp to select, and they will not put a minimum quantity to get it steamed either. One of the factors that will determine your costs is whether you buy shrimp from a particular geographical area or whether it is shelled or unshelled and deveined.

That does play into the equation since if you decide on a shelled shrimp, for example, Publix will not clean it and devein it for you before steaming it. 

The options for seasoning for the steamed shrimp.

The beauty and convenience of getting the shrimp steamed at Publix are not just that they will do that for you, but they will also season it for you.

Depending on the location where you buy the shrimp because Publix does accommodate the cultural preferences of the geographical location that the store is located at, they will have a few different seasoning flavors that you can choose from that are included.

Flavors such as lemon pepper or cajun, for example. The attendant can tell you at the store which seasoning flavors are included.

If for some reason, none of the flavors included are to your liking, you can always choose a seasoning from the seasoning aisle of the store you are at and hand it over to the attendant exactly as you got it from the shelf, unsealed. Publix will accommodate your request if you pay for that seasoning within your shopping list. 

The bottom line is that Publix will do anything to make the customer happy, even if that means freeing up some cooking time for the customer and steaming your shrimp purchase. And it is not just the shrimp; you can pick anything from the seafood department that you may want to steam, and they will happily do that for you. 

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