Does Publix Do Rainchecks -Here’s How To Check

Imagine that you plan a trip to Publix after making a shopping list based on the deals offered in the weekly ad. To your surprise, when you show up at Publix, the sale item you planned on buying is no longer in stock. While you may be disappointed, know that there is a way you can still get your on-sale item without having to go home empty-handed.

A rain check is an assurance to a customer that allows them to purchase an item at a later date if the on-sale item is out of stock. Publix has a rain check policy that allows customers to redeem rain checks in case of an out-of-stock sale item. 

Publix accepts rain checks for items advertised outside the store at a reduced retail price. 

Now that you know that Publix accepts rain checks, keep reading for more information on how to make the most of Publix’s rain check policy. 

Publix Rain Check Policy

The term “rain check” originates from professional baseball. If the baseball stadium got rained out, a rain check was issued to the baseball fans who paid for a ticket. The rain check was only eligible for use on the makeup baseball game day.

This same logic applies to Publix’s rain check policy. Publix offers a rain check for advertised items at a reduced retail price, which means that Publix will issue a rain check for sold-out discounted items included in an item deal or promotion. If you meet the eligibility requirements to redeem your rain check, there should be no problem cashing your rain check in within 30 days of the issuing date. 

Rain Check Eligibility 

All grocery store items are limited, especially popular products such as pumpkin spice-flavored coffee creamers or gluten-free specialty items. Publix will inevitably run out of popular sale items. However, consumers work hard to buy groceries at reasonable prices.

A lot of time and planning goes into creating a shopping list, driving to your nearest Publix, and completing a shopping trip. Publix is known for excellent customer service, and its rain check policy speaks for itself. For example, if you plan a trip to Publix to buy 4 Hass Avocados for $5, only to find them picked over and out of stock, Publix will issue you a rain check.

Rain Check Ineligibility

Publix will only issue one rain check per household per day, depending on the deal or promotion. Publix also has a purchase limit on certain items, such as toilet paper and paper towels, to avoid product hoarding. You are ineligible to cash a rain check if you redeem it 30 days or more after the initial issue date.

A rain check is considered null and void if it is expired, stolen, lost, or destroyed. You cannot transfer a Publix rain check to someone else or use it at another grocery chain. However, you can redeem a rain check at any Publix location offering the product stated on the rain check. Before redeeming a rain check at Publix, make sure your offer is valid. 

What to do if a Rain Check Isn’t Accepted

If a rain check is not accepted at Publix, it probably means that the offer is null and void. If your rain check is expired, lost, stolen, or destroyed, Publix will not redeem the offer.

There is not much to do if your rain check isn’t redeemable except to buy the item at full price or wait until the next sale comes around. If you’re having trouble keeping track of rain checks or keep missing sales, here are some tips to stay ahead of the crowd. 

Check the Publix Website Every Week

If you want to secure your sale items before other shoppers, check the Publix website when the new weekly ads go live. According to the Publix website, there are currently two ad cycles to look for.

Ads that are effective Wednesday through Thursday are normally put on the Publix website around midnight Eastern Time Wednesday morning. Similarly, ads that are effective Thursday through Wednesday normally go live on the website around midnight Eastern Time Thursday morning.

The Publix website is a great tool to check for weekly ads. If you want to avoid the hassle of being issued and redeeming a rain check, try to keep up with the weekly ads and plan your shopping trip accordingly. 

Stay Organized Using the Publix Website Shopping List 

Not only does the Publix website display weekly ads, but they also have a great tool for creating shopping lists. Use the Publix app or website to search and add items to your grocery cart for free. By going to the Savings tab and clicking “list view,” you can see all the items on sale and add them to your list.

The Publix online list is a handy tool because, for each on-sale product, the price and savings value is listed underneath the picture. If you want to be a savvy shopper and avoid the hassle of being issued and redeeming rain checks, consider using the Publix website shopping list to stay organized. 

How to Recieve a Publix Rain Check 

If you’re late to Publix and miss out on a popular product on sale, you may want to consider asking for a rain check. Before asking for a rain check, ask employees if any more products are left in stock. If no more products are left, you should consider asking for a rain check.

Keep in mind that rain checks only work if there are no restrictions on the sale item. Limited-time offers, special promotions, and clearance items do not qualify for Publix rain checks.

Make a note of the item that’s no longer in stock and let the cashier know that you’d like to receive a rain check for the items. Try to let the cashier know before checking out that you’d like a rain check for the item you’re missing so the process will go smoothly. 

Keep track of when your rain check expires. Publix’s policy on rain checks is 30 days, so mark it on your calendar the day you receive the rain check. If the store is still out of the product by the rain check’s expiration, you can ask for another one before the rain check expires. 

How to Redeem a Publix Rain Check 

Redeeming a Publix rain check is easy. Consider keeping your rain check in a convenient spot where it won’t be damaged, like your wallet or car glove compartment. When the time comes to redeem your Publix rain check, bring it into the store with you and retrieve the item listed on the rain check. 

When you are finished shopping and ready to check out, give the cashier the rain check before checking out any other item. Have the cashier examine the rain check and scan the items. Don’t wait until the last minute to hand the cashier your rain check or discounted item.

For some stores, cashiers will need manager approval to override the transaction, so it’s best to tell the cashier ahead of time. Letting your cashier know about your rain check ahead of time will make things easier for you and the cashier. 


Rain check policies for stores can be intimidating. However, all Publix shoppers need to take advantage of the sales offered by the popular grocery store. As consumers, we spend a lot of time planning, commuting, and grocery shopping to put food on the table.

Just because an on-sale product is no longer available due to increased popularity does not mean you should suffer. Publix offers rain checks to customers if an advertised product is not available.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider speaking with customer service on if there are any more products left in the store or if you can receive a rain check instead. If you want to avoid dealing with rain checks, consider checking the weekly ads every Wednesday and Thursday morning to stay up to date on important sale items. 

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