Can Sam’s Club Gift Cards Be Used For Gas

Getting gift cards to grocery stores or gas stations can be very convenient and thoughtful, but it is even better if the gift card can be used for both! Can Sam’s Club gift cards be used for gas? 

Yes, these gift cards can be used to purchase gas at either Walmart or Sam’s Club gas stations and in-store purchases. 

Continue reading for more information regarding Sam’s Club gift cards. 

How do I use my Sam’s Club gift card at the Fuel Center? 

A Sam’s Club gift card can be used at any Sam’s or Walmart Fuel center that accepts credit cards and can be used as such. However, only members of Sam’s Club can use the gas stations regardless of if they have a gift card that can be used at Sam’s without a membership.

This prevents people who do not pay a membership fee from getting the member benefit of cheaper gas, which helps drive customers into their stores. 

While some membership-only deals can be circumvented at Sam’s Club, gas is not one of the things that non-members can purchase. 

Can Sam’s Club gift cards be used at Walmart? 

A Sam’s Club gift card can be used at both Walmart and Sam’s Club fuel centers and stores. Cards with a PIN code can also be used to shop online at Walmart and Sam’s Club websites. Online purchases can be completed by inputting the card number and PIN as a regular credit or debit card. 

On the flip side, Walmart gift cards can be used at Sam’s Club and Sam’s Club fuel centers. However, keep in mind that some Walmart gift cards can be restricted, meaning items such as alcohol and cigarette can not be made with a gift card.

To use a Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club, you must be a member or be okay with a 10% surcharge for all non-member purchases. So, you might be better off holding onto that Walmart gift card the next time you’re at a Walmart or want to purchase on their website. 

Ultimately, you may find yourself paying a 10% fee on top of the price marked in stores without a membership, though the only exception to this seems to be if you’ve been gifted either a Sam’s Club gift card or a year-long membership by another Sam’s member.

This is to keep prices low, as the membership fee, along with bulk purchasing, is what keeps these prices competitive. 

Are there any restrictions on what can be purchased with a Sam’s Club gift card? 

Sam’s Club gift cards can be used widely throughout the store and at their fuel centers, though there are a few exceptions: 

  • Gift Cards: A Sam’s Club/ Walmart gift card cannot be used to purchase other gift cards
  • Memberships: Membership fees cannot be paid on a Sam’s or Walmart gift card. 
  • Alcohol: Alcohol purchases may not be allowed with gift cards at Sam’s Club, though Walmart does. But, alcohol purchases do not require a membership. 

With a few exceptions, if you can pick it up and put it in your cart (virtual or otherwise), it can be paid for using a gift card. 

Final Thoughts

While Sam’s Club gift cards are useful in-stores, online, at Walmart locations, and even at Walmart gas stations, it is still necessary. Part of the transaction is to be a member of Sam’s Club when attempting to fuel up at one of their gas stations, regardless of if you have a gift card to that particular store.

If you’re not a member, don’t be discouraged: you can still make purchases inside the Sam’s Club location (or online if your card has a PIN code) without a membership. 

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