Will Target Hold Items For You

Have you ever found yourself longing for a specific product at Target that you saw online? You have been eyeing that gorgeous coffee pot for your office break room for a week in the Target App, but you just can’t seem to fully commit to buying it.

You notice in the little bold orange lettering below the “Add to Cart” button the impending doom of words exclaiming, “Only one left.” You want to take the plunge and purchase it, but you really want to check it out in person before you fully commit. If only Target would hold the coffee pot until you can make it in. Wishful thinking, right? This got me wondering, will Target hold items for me? Let’s check it out!

Target will hold items for you. It ultimately depends on that particular item’s availability in store, if it’s perishable, or if that specific product is in high demand. Target’s policies seem to be in favor of shoppers and seem to accommodate our holding needs as much as possible. 

Take that big breath of relief. That gorgeous bronze coffee pot waiting to brew a steamy, smooth cup of Joe will be held safely behind Target’s customer service desk until you can pick it up. But don’t wait too long because Target will not hold it indefinitely. Are there limitations to this policy? Let’s learn how to utilize Target’s holding policies to ease the stress of rushing to the store or purchasing products unseen.

What exactly will Target hold?

Target will hold any of their merchandise for you as long as it’s available and your local store offers this service. This includes clothing, electronics, home essentials, toys, shoes, and pet supplies. They will even hold fresh produce and perishable frozen or dairy items!

However, Target can only hold what they have in stock at your neighborhood store. It is best to research in the app or online before you call to ensure the product is in stock (of course, you can also call the local store to ask this question).

Target can not hold online-only merchandise, out-of-stock items, or back-ordered products. It seems that not every Target store will honor holds without you purchasing first, so it is best advised to call and speak with a Customer Service rep to learn about your specific store’s policies.

How do I put merchandise on hold?

Call your neighborhood Target and follow the automated prompts until you reach the Customer Service line. It is best to be prepared with any useful information for your requested hold(s), such as item number, size, color, or even the aisle location. You can find this information at your fingertips in the Target app or at www.target.com.

How long will Target hold my stuff?

Three days for non-perishable merchandise seems to be the standard number across the board for most Target stores. If your order does contain fresh produce or other perishable items such as frozen foods or refrigerated dairy, they will only hold it for one day. Each store may have different holding length policies, so ask when you call!

I placed an order online but won’t make it in time for pickup. How long will Target hold purchased items?

Whether you purchased in the app, over the phone, or online and selected the option for Drive-up or In-store Pickup, the holding times are the same.

Target will hold your purchased merchandise for three days unless it’s perishable; then, they will only hold it for one. If you do not pick up your order within three days, Target will promptly cancel your order and get a refund processing for you.

If you don’t receive your refund within seven business days, I highly suggest calling to request the refund’s status. You can re-order through the app if your order is canceled after three days. Doing so will restart your three-day pickup grace period.

Will Target hold merchandise during peak shopping times such as Black Friday or Memorial Day sales?

This is a grey area. It is up to each store’s management if they will hold high-demand products. It is best to call your local store and ask ahead of time.

From experience, however, most Target stores will not hold doorbuster sales or extremely discounted products as they are usually only available to the public on a first come, first served basis. After all, some people wait all night in the cold after Thanksgiving dinner to swoop up 65″ doorbuster TVs on Black Friday.

Those people wouldn’t be pleased to see all of the TVs placed on hold–makes sense, right?! To best prepare for purchasing items during peak shopping seasons, I recommend utilizing Target’s app since they will offer a lot more of their special deals online than they do in their physical stores.

There are so many namable traits that Target boasts, making it a shopping hot spot at all times of the year. Utilizing their holding policies can save you the headache of missing out on products you hope to call your own. Call your local Target store today to learn about their specific holding policies, so you have an excuse to go shopping!

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