Can You Video In Walmart

If you like to vlog or are looking to be the next great American influence, you may want to record in Walmart. Before whipping out your camera, you should ask yourself: can you video in Walmart?

Without prior consent, you cannot video in Walmart, whether it is informative or for entertainment. You may be able to record if you speak with the store manager beforehand. Overall, you should not record in Walmart.

While I recommend not recording in Walmart or other stores, let’s dive a little deeper to discuss why you can’t record and the types of videos that may get recorded in Walmart. 

Types Of Videos That You May Want To Film

There are a few types of videos that you may be tempted to film in Walmart.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be filming in Walmart, regardless of the types of videos that you may be filming.


Videos can be informative, especially if you are an influencer or review products.

You may go to a store to discuss different products, like makeup, cleaning supplies, or even food items.

Most people who film informative videos want to give their followers recommendations on what to buy and avoid.


Entertainment videos can be almost anything that you can think of.

Most entertainment videos are vlogs where people show what they do during the day.

Entertainment videos are where recorders can potentially get in trouble. People making these videos may be tempted to bother other shoppers, do things that may upset employees, or damaged merchandise. 


These videos are often heated videos where someone is in an altercation with a store employee or another shopper.

Here, I want you to think of those videos that drum up a reaction from people who watch. These videos often go viral, usually for the wrong reasons.

Issues With Video Taping In Stores

No matter the type of video that you want to film in Walmart, you should avoid recording any of them.

According to the corporate website of Walmart, you should not record videos out of respect for other shoppers and employees.

Even though you are in a public place, everyone has a right to privacy. This includes shoppers and employees.

You may be filming yourself when you are working on your videos, but you can also:

  • Catch other people in the background of your videos
  • Show employees in a bad light if there is an altercation
  • Capture children or minors in your videos

Of all these points, I would be most concerned about filming children, even if you don’t intend to film them. This is the invasion of privacy of minors.

While you may think you’re just making a fun video for your YouTube channel or TikTok account, you can get yourself in trouble.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Film In Walmart

If the policy itself isn’t enough to deter you from filming in Walmart, let’s talk about a few other reasons why you shouldn’t film. 

You Won’t Be Paying Attention To Your Surroundings

If you’re holding a camera and talking to it, you’re not paying attention to what’s around you.

You might bump into other shoppers, walk into charts, or push products off the shelf.

No shopper likes someone who doesn’t look where they’re going!

You May Be Distracting To Others

Video recording can be distracting to other shoppers around you.

You may try to whisper or keep your voice as quiet as possible, but you need to project even a little bit, so the microphone on your camera picks up your voice.

Other people trying to shop will be annoyed and distracted by what you are doing. 

You Risk Your Personal Camera Or Phone Being Damaged Or Stolen

Your camera or phone, which is likely expensive, is out in public.

Whenever you have something with a high price tag in public, you’ll always be worried that your personal items may be damaged or stolen.

Bringing your camera into a busy store like Walmart increases the chances of an accident.

The Video Sound Quality May Not Be Good

This goes back to how loud you are speaking in the store.

If you’re trying not to bother other people, you may be trying to whisper. Your camera may not be able to pick up your voice.

There is also a lot of background noise in stores. There are:

Other people speaking

  • Intercom announcement
  • Music playing
  • Other noises like carts squeaking, footsteps, and checkout beeping.

Best Practices When Filming In Walmart

I don’t condone that anyone films in Walmart, but if you insist that you need that video, then at least do your best to follow these practices.

Get Consent From Management

I cannot stress enough that you should speak to management to get consent to film.

If you are looking to make positive product recommendations and let the store manager know when you will be in, there is a chance that the manager will allow you to come in and film.

This consent will ensure that you’re not breaking any rules.

Do Not Film Others Without Consent

This is also about consent. Get the consent of other shoppers if you want to record them for any reason.

Sometimes this cannot be easy if people are walking behind you, but you should always try your best to let others around you know that you are recording.

Be Mindful Of Other Shoppers 

Always remember that you aren’t in the store alone.

Other people are in the store trying to get errands done. Those people are there to shop, even if you are there to film in Walmart.

You’ll be focused on your camera, but you can try to go to less busy parts of the store or at least step out of the way of other shoppers.

Don’t Use The Store As Your Personal Recording Studio 

The store is not your recording studio.

Walmart and other stores are public places where people go shopping and run errands. You do not own the space.

Do not take up too much space, spread your equipment around aisles, or assume that you always have the right of way.

Don’t Talk Loudly

Walmart and similar stores are inherently loud places, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want to hear you yelling at your camera.

This goes back to common courtesy. No one likes to hear you trying to become an influencer while they’re picking up something for dinner!

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