Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards – Exchanges, Trading, & More!

Gift cards have become a popular and convenient gifting option for many people. This often leads to the question: does Walmart buy gift cards from other retailers? As one of the largest retail giants in the world, Walmart offers a diverse selection of products and services to cater to its customers’ needs. I

Walmart does accept gift cards from other major retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and many more. The retail giant offers this service through a third-party platform called CardCash.

This allows customers to exchange or sell their gift cards from various retailers in return for Walmart e-Cards. Such a service allows them to spend their gift card balances with greater flexibility and variety, making it an appealing option for gift card holders.

Although Walmart does not directly purchase gift cards in-store, they partner with CardCash online to facilitate these transactions. This ensures a smooth and secure process for exchanging gift cards, allowing customers to turn their previously unspent balances into potential purchases at Walmart’s vast range of products and services.

Walmart Gift Card Basics

Walmart Gift Cards are a versatile and convenient choice for customers purchasing items from the store or online.

Types of Gift Cards

Walmart offers two types of gift cards that cater to the preferences of their customers – traditional plastic gift cards and electronic gift cards (eGift Cards). Plastic gift cards can be purchased in-store or online, and eGift cards are sent directly to the recipient’s email inbox.

Both types of gift cards have unique advantages; a plastic gift card can be a physical gift that one can hand over in person, while an eGift Card can be delivered instantly via email, making it a perfect last-minute gift option.

Checking the Balance

You can check the balance on a Walmart Gift Card in multiple ways. For a plastic gift card, the balance can be checked by scratching off the silver coating on the back of the card, which reveals the last four digits and the PIN. The eGift Card balance can be retrieved from the confirmation email containing the PIN.

In addition, the balance can be checked by visiting any Walmart store and asking a cashier, checking it online, or calling Walmart on their helpline, 1-888-537-5503.

Where to Use Them

Walmart Gift Cards offer a wide range of versatility in terms of usage. They can be redeemed at any of the Walmart or Sam’s Club stores across the United States. Furthermore, the gift cards can also be used online at or, providing added convenience for those who prefer to shop online.

Gift Card Exchange Options

Gift card exchange options allow you to utilize unwanted gift cards by trading them for cash or a different card. Let’s discuss how Walmart’s gift card trade-in program and other exchange services can assist you in making the most of your gift cards.

Walmart’s Gift Card Trade-In Program

Walmart made a strategic move by setting up the Walmart Gift Card Exchange program, allowing customers to trade gift cards from various retailers for a Walmart eGift card. To use this service, you must visit the Walmart card exchange website and enter your gift card information.

Once your card balance has been verified, a Walmart eGift card will be emailed to you. This option is popular among those who prefer shopping at Walmart rather than the original gift card retailer.

CardCash and Other Exchange Services

Alternative gift card exchange services such as CardCash are also available to provide customers with a more flexible gift card exchange experience.

These services often buy physical gift cards or store credit and pay up to a certain percentage of the card’s value. These platforms provide users with an informative and user-friendly website and guarantee cards for a certain period, providing a sense of security.

Many of these services, like CardCash, are BBB-accredited and highly reputable, enabling users to trade, sell, or buy gift cards from different retailers. By using these gift card exchange platforms, consumers can optimize the value of their unwanted gift cards and have the freedom to choose cash or credit for their preferred stores.

Popular Gift Cards to Exchange for Walmart

Walmart’s gift card exchange program allows customers to trade their gift cards from various retailers for a Walmart e-card. Here are some popular options to consider in different categories:

Amazon and eBay

For online shoppers, Amazon and eBay gift cards are popular choices. Walmart’s exchange program allows customers to trade these cards for a Walmart e-card, simplifying their shopping experience.

Starbucks and Fast Food Chains

Starbucks, Burger King, and Chipotle gift cards are commonly used for exchange at Walmart. Food lovers can enjoy great deals for Walmart’s grocery section by exchanging these gift cards.

Retailers and Restaurants

Gift cards from popular retail stores such as Target, Gap, PetSmart, and restaurants like Olive Garden can also be exchanged for Walmart e-cards. This allows customers to consolidate their shopping options and gain access to Walmart’s wide range of products and services.

Here’s a summary of popular gift cards that can be exchanged:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Starbucks
  • Burger King
  • Chipotle
  • Target
  • Gap
  • PetSmart
  • Olive Garden

The Walmart gift card exchange program is a convenient way for customers to maximize the value of their existing gift cards while shopping for their favorite products at Walmart.

The Exchange Process

Walmart offers a unique service for customers who exchange unused gift cards from various retailers for Walmart e-gift cards. This convenient process can be done both in-store and online.

In-Store Gift Card Exchange

If you prefer to exchange your gift cards in person, visit your local Walmart store and head to the cashier. Inform the cashier about your intention to exchange your non-Walmart gift card for a Walmart e-gift card. They will guide you through the buyback process, and it’s essential to provide accurate information to ensure a smooth transaction.

Once everything is verified, the cashier will process the exchange and provide you with a confirmation email. Remember to give them your correct email address to receive the digital Walmart gift card smoothly. The whole process is user-friendly and hassle-free.

Online Gift Card Exchange

If you seek the convenience of exchanging your non-Walmart gift cards without leaving your home, you can do so through Walmart’s online exchange program. To do this, visit the Walmart website and follow the outlined steps. You must input the 16-digit card number and the corresponding PIN from the retailer’s gift card.

After submitting the required information, Walmart will verify the card details and calculate the exchange value. Once the exchange value is confirmed, you will receive a digital Walmart gift card via email. This emailed gift card can be used immediately for your next online or in-store Walmart purchase.

Exchanging your unused gift cards from various retailers for Walmart e-gift cards is a practical way to get more value from your gift cards. Both the in-store and online exchange processes are quick and easy, providing customers with the flexibility and convenience they need.

Factors Affecting Exchange Value

When considering trading gift cards at Walmart, multiple factors can impact the exchange value you receive. Let’s take a closer look at some of these factors under the following sub-sections:

Gift Card Brand and Popularity

The brand and popularity of the gift card being exchanged play a significant role in determining its value at Walmart. High-demand and widely recognized brands are more likely to fetch a higher return, while lesser-known or niche brands may receive a lower percentage of their face value.

This variation in value is mainly driven by consumer demand and the ease with which these cards can be resold.

Card Balance and Expiration

Another crucial factor affecting the exchange value is the card’s balance and its expiration date. Cards with higher face values typically receive better exchange rates than those with lower balances, providing more versatility and potential use for the purchaser.

Additionally, cards with longer durations before expiration may hold more value, as they afford ample time for the recipient to utilize them.

In general, Walmart’s gift card exchange program offers between 70% to 80% on cash options and 80% for store exchange and may even reach 90% when opting for an interest-free financing option for one month.

These rates, however, may fluctuate due to the factors mentioned, such as the gift card’s brand, popularity, balance, and expiration, making it essential to consider these aspects when planning a gift card exchange.

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