Can You Transfer From Sam’s Club To Walmart

Transferring from one Sam’s Club to another can be easy, especially if you are moving locations and need a guaranteed job. As a division of Walmart, Sam’s Club employees have more options than one might imagine when transferring locations. But can you transfer from Sam’s Club to Walmart? 

One can transfer from Sam’s Club to Walmart if positions are available. This will depend on the store’s needs and overall performance at your current job. 

Read on to learn a bit more about the transfer process. 

How to transfer from Sam’s Club to Walmart

Sam’s Club is a division of Walmart, so transferring between the two is possible. The first thing to do should be to call the store you wish to transfer to and inquire about available positions. 

Assuming available positions at the desired location, the next step is to start the transfer application through the app “Workday,” which contains many useful tools for both Sam’s and Walmart employees. The request may be a separate application to the Walmart store. 

After this, you will have to wait to hear back from the store you applied to as a transfer or new applicant. If you’ve submitted your transfer request online, you may want to call that store in a few days to ensure they’ve received it. Not only does this give you some peace of mind, but it may also make you look more appealing to the store as someone eager to start working. 

Can I transfer from Walmart to Sam’s Club? 

Similarly, Walmart employees can also transition to Sam’s Club, provided an available position exists. This can be done through the Workday app by applying for Sam’s Club position or by requesting a transfer through the WIRE, which is an app used to keep track of hours, pay stubs, and other vital employee information. 

A written request to your manager may be needed to begin the transfer process from Walmart to Sam’s, stating why and when you wish to transfer. 

What is required to transfer? 

If you currently work at Sam’s Club, you may be required to wait at least six months, or up to two years, before attempting to transfer to another Sam’s Club or move to Walmart.

Of course, when switching between the two stores, there is the option to quit one and then apply to the other without having to wait, though seeing a similar experience for a longer period could come in handy when attempting to move to Walmart, especially if looking for a higher paying position. 

Just give proper notice when resigning, so you are still re-hirable in the Walmart and Sam’s Club employee systems. If you quit abruptly or are not on good terms, this will be visible to Walmart and may impact your ability to get hired or transferred.

A good reference from a supervisor at Sam’s Club may also increase your odds of getting an approved transfer or position at Walmart. 

Another thing required when transferring, whether it is from a Sam’s to Walmart, vice-versa, or between the same store but different locations, is patience. The entire transfer process can take up to two to six months, depending on store needs. If at all possible, be early when requesting transfers or attempting to move your employment over to Walmart from Sam’s Club.

This will minimize any potential lapses in employment and keep you moving smoothly in your transition. Hardship transfers or transfer requests due to medical, emergency relocation, or family obligations may be obtained under the right circumstance.

They can speed up the process to just a few weeks, though this may be more complicated if transitioning from Sam’s Club to Walmart or Walmart to Sam’s. 

Final Thoughts

Because Sam’s Club and Walmart are both parts of Walmart Inc., there are many opportunities for both stores’ employees to move between the two and change their location within the same company.

To be eligible for transfer from Sam’s Club to Walmart, you must be a good employee that can get a positive reference from your store superiors and that the store you’re looking to transfer to needs employees. 

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