Lowe’s Tipping Policy

Tipping for a job well done is often customary in the United States, but some exceptions exist. Getting appliances delivered and set up from Lowes seems like a tipping occasion, but what is Lowe’s tipping policy?

Lowe’s employees are not allowed to accept tips, but this shouldn’t deter anyone from leaving positive feedback or showing appreciation in other ways. 

Continue reading to learn more about how you can show your thanks to Lowe’s employees.

Why can’t Lowe’s employees accept tips?

Currently, it is Lowe’s company policy that employees are not allowed to accept tips. There is no way to electronically add tips to online orders which require delivery, and accepting cash tips is prohibited.

Cash tips in person may be accepted by the employee if the customer is insistent. However, this can put the employee in a tough spot because they may not want to seem ungrateful or rude to the customer, but getting caught taking tips can get the employee written up or even fired, depending on how extreme the store’s management team takes this policy. Therefore, it’s best to avoid offering cash completely.

Fortunately, there are other more appropriate ways to show your gratitude to Lowe’s employees without putting them at risk of disciplinary actions.

What are some alternative ways to show your appreciation for Lowe’s employees?

If the customer truly wants to show appreciation or thanks for the employee’s care and expertise, there are some ways to do it properly without putting them in an awkward situation or at risk of punishment from their management team. Here are the best ways to do so:

Get the employee’s name and contact the store.

Whether it’s a curbside delivery, home delivery, or you just had a very helpful encounter with the employee at the store, one of the most classic ways of showing appreciation is to contact the store’s manager and praise the employee by name. This can be done after the fact, in the case of curbside pickup or delivery, or in-person when receiving great service at the store.

Simply give your honest feedback to the manager. This may be noted down in the employee’s file and could help them get a raise, promotion, or other appropriate recognition that can aid the employee in the long term with the company without jeopardizing their job like a cash tip might, as long as the feedback is positive.

Of course, don’t forget to tell the employee the praise, too! It might just make their day and help reassure them that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

Leave a positive review for the store using the employee’s name.

This is a “thank you note” for the digital age. Not only will writing a positive review for the employee boost the store’s rating, but it will also let other shoppers who read reviews know which employees are known for their exemplary service.

It’s also good to have these reviews in writing, as higher management (like district or regional managers) often will patrol the store’s online reviews to get an honest gauge of how the store’s employees and management handle day-to-day interactions.

Positive reviews can do wonders for a store’s business and, in turn, its employees. This is one of the best ways to show appreciation for employees who are not allowed to accept monetary tips.

If the customer is still into the old-school way of handwriting or typing notes or letters, ensure the employee is addressed by name and write a detailed explanation of why their service was superb. These notes can be dropped off in person or sent to the store’s address as a regular piece of mail.

Give them a drink or snack after the delivery.

After all that home deliveries entail, your local Lowe’s delivery employees may be more tired than when they arrived. Instead of a cash tip, offer the employees a bottle of water or other (non-alcoholic) beverage.

Even a snack bag of chips or some homemade cookies can go a long way in showing your appreciation for their efforts without putting them in a situation where they’d have to turn down a cash tip. A beverage or a quick, tasty treat can make someone’s day and give them the extra energy needed to get through the rest of their shift.

Just beware of common allergens when offering foodstuffs as an extra safety measure.

Final Thoughts

Tipping is a great way to show your thanks to people providing you with a service, especially when it’s a physically laborious job. However, it’s best not to pressure employees into taking tips as this kind gesture can negatively impact the employee if they are caught taking a tip from an insistent customer.

Instead, show your appreciation in other ways to get the employee recognized for their great work through the correct avenues. This way, the management team at that employee’s store is aware of their great work and can be rewarded appropriately with bonuses, raises, and praise.

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