Can You Wear A Backpack In Walmart

Everyone has a different method for carrying around their things in public, and you might be someone who likes to have a backpack. When you’re heading into Walmart to pick up a few things, you might stop and wonder, can you wear a backpack in Walmart?

Yes, you can wear a backpack in Walmart. Walmart does not restrict backpacks in its stores.

You shouldn’t have a problem wearing a backpack in Walmart if you use it to carry around your personal belongings. Keep reading to learn more!

Can Walmart Search Your Backpack

Walmart will not search your backpack unless they have reason to believe that you have stolen something.

When you walk into Walmart or another major retail chain, you will not be automatically subjected to a bag check if you are wearing a backpack.

The two most common reasons why you will get your backpack checked are:

  • A store employee, security, or customer saw you steal something.
  • You are a store employee clocking out after your shift.

Both of the above instances are situations you will not find yourself in every day, especially if you are not an employee at Walmart.

As long as you are simply shopping at the store without any illegal ulterior motives, Walmart employees will not have a reason or the right to check your backpack.

Can Stores Ask You To Leave Your Backpack At The Front

A larger store like Walmart will not ask you to leave your backpack at the front of the store; this may be different for smaller stores or independent businesses.

No one at Walmart will stop you when you walk in and ask you to leave your backpack at the front of the store.

Walmart does not ask you to leave your bag because:

  • There is no safe place to leave your bag in front of the store.
  • Walmart does not want to be responsible for your belongings, especially if they are stolen.
  • There are usually not enough store employees to have one or two people dedicated to checking bags in and out.
  • The store has no set rule that you need to leave your bag at the front of the store.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to leave your bag in the front of the store if you do not feel like carrying it around.

This may be different at small businesses, so be aware of any signage or different rules when going into other stores.


5 Tips When Wearing A Backpack In Walmart

Let’s end with a few tips for when you wear a backpack in a store. These tips will ensure that you do get stopped for having a backpack in a store.

Do Not Put Things In Your Backpack Before You Purchase Them

This first tip should go without saying, but you should not put anything you pick up in your backpack until you make a purchase.

Putting things in your backpack could make you forget to purchase them or look like you are trying to steal.

You don’t want either of those things to happen!

Do Not Act Suspicious

This tip should be common sense, but you should not act or pretend to be suspicious if you are walking around the store.

Acting suspicious might make other shoppers or employees concerned about your plan.

Nowadays, people can worry that the backpack is more than a backpack and could potentially be hiding something dangerous.

Do Not Carry Anything Dangerous In Your Bag

Adding to the previous point, do not carry something dangerous in your backpack. Dangerous items could include:

  • A firearm, especially if it is loaded
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Knives or other weapons

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with a backpack because someone wasn’t paying attention and turned quickly.

Being aware of your surroundings is about being courteous to your fellow shoppers. No one wants to be whacked with a backpack while trying to pick up their shopping order!

Keep It On Your Person Or In Your Cart

As with any personal belongings that you take into a cart, ensure that you keep your backpack on or in your cart while it is attended by you or someone you know.

Some people feel comfortable leaving their bag or personal belongings in their shopping cart while they walk off to get something, but this could easily lead to your bag getting stolen.

Always keep it on or near you, so you do not lose your things!

What To Bring In Stores Instead Of A Backpack

You have other options if you are still worried that you might get stopped for having a backpack in a store.

You might want to always have your backpack on you, but you do not need to bring it into the store. Instead, you can:

  • Keep any personal belongings you need, like your wallet, phone, and keys, in your pockets
  • Transfer some belongings into a smaller bag, like a purse or clutch
  • Use a backpack that is see-through if you feel like store employees are always watching you
  • Leave your backpack in your car; you won’t be that long in the store

Thankfully you usually only need a few things when you are going on a shopping trip, so it should be easier to forego your larger backpack for something smaller or no bag at all.

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