Can Walmart Kick You Out – What You Should Know

Walmart is a private company which gives them more rights than many customers might realize, including the right to refuse service to just about anyone. Just because you’re a customer that wants to spend some money doesn’t necessarily mean the store will allow it. So, can Walmart kick you out? 

Yes, Walmart can kick you out of the store and even ban you from Walmart and others nearby. 

Keep reading to learn more about what might cause someone to be banned from Walmart and the consequences. 

Can Walmart ban you for any reason? 

Walmart and its parking lots are private property, so Walmart can kick you out of its stores and refuse service for any reason. This also means that Walmart can ban anyone for any reason.

The most common reasons for bans are property destruction and shoplifting. Felony charges and jail time are also potential consequences depending on the severity of the offense, especially related to shoplifting. Here are some other ways to get banned from Walmart: 

  • Playing with merchandise
  • Destruction of property
  • Harassment of customers: this can include directly harassing them or subtle forms of harassment, such as adding items to their cart when they’re not looking or moving customers’ carts around the store.
  • Harassment of employees

Most of the time, if the ban is for 24 hours, the customer can return without issue after that period and likely even shop at a different Walmart during those 24 hours if necessary. It is unlikely that information will be spread across stores for a short ban.

Other nearby stores may have that information on the offending customer for longer bans. However, with how many thousands of people are seen each day at a Walmart, it’s not guaranteed the offending customer will be recognized. Just know that ignoring a ban on private property can escalate to getting a separate charge for trespassing. 

While Walmart can ban anyone for any reason, it is not very often bans will be given without cause. Shoplifting anything but especially high-value items is the surest way to get a ban, potentially permanently, from that location.

Often when a customer is banned for high amounts of shoplifted goods, or if they’ve repeatedly stolen, nearby Walmarts will be alerted, which can extend the ban in other stores if the individual steals at those stores. 

How long can you get banned from Walmart? 

Walmart bans can be for as little as 24 hours up to a permanent ban, depending on what caused the ban in the first place. The most common and apparent reason to get banned is shoplifting. 

From armed guards to greeters checking your receipts, there are plenty of people whose job is to deter theft and catch shoplifters.

With self-checkout lines, customers may think shoplifting is easier than ever and that consequences are minimal due to the size of the store and how much of a profit Walmart makes. This is not the truth, and the fact is that Walmart will not hesitate to press charges against those who are found to be stealing. 

For those who ignore the ban and re-offend by stealing, Walmart can press multiple charges against you, one for trespassing and the other for theft, and there may be grounds for arrest too. Walmart does not take shoplifting lightly and has the right to contact authorities for any misconduct in its store.

Shopper’s Walmart accounts can also get suspended. Usually, this is from violating Walmart’s Terms of Service agreement or having too many returns or order cancellations, for example. These bans, or suspensions, can be investigated by contacting Walmart’s customer service line to determine the steps needed to remove the suspension from the account.

Keep in mind that contacting customer service isn’t a guaranteed way to get the suspension removed from your account. 

Can you get kicked out of Walmart for no reason? 

Like with bans, Walmart can refuse your service or ask you to leave their store for any reason. The only exceptions are for discrimination: stores cannot base their restrictions on race, religion, and disabilities, as these are protections under the Civil Rights Act.

Walmart is typically careful about who they refuse service to, making sure there is a valid reason anytime they do decide to issue a ban.

Getting kicked out of Walmart doesn’t always translate directly into a ban or getting the police involved. For example, harassment of customers or employees can get someone kicked out of the store, and so can being disruptive and causing a scene that makes the other patrons uncomfortable.

This can be for the day or result in a temporary ban, but ultimately it is likely to be lifted, and the offending customer can shop there again. The exceptions are for high-value, repeated theft, and if a customer is known to cause trouble whenever they enter the store. 

Final thoughts

Walmart and other private businesses decide who gets to shop there and who doesn’t and, therefore, can refuse service or even ban customers for any reason they see fit. 

Fortunately, most businesses want the customers to shop and spend money at their stores, so getting handed an uncalled-for ban is highly unlikely. As long as the customer doesn’t engage in destructive or disruptive behavior and doesn’t shoplift, they should be free to shop at Walmarts across the country. 

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