Do Walmart Employees Get Holiday Pay

When you work at a major retail store like Walmart, it’s natural to wonder if you are eligible for holiday pay. Besides, its the craziest time of the year, and it usually requires more staff, more hours, and a ton of intense work ethic with al of the customer demand.

Walmart currently does not offer an additional holiday pay, and also, overnight shifts during the holidays doesn’t necessarily result in additional pay. However, they do offer PTO which can be used on holidays of your choice.

While that may be dissapointing, there are some alternatives to holiday pay and how you can make the most of your work experience at Walmart.

Walmart’s Holiday Pay Policy

Walmart’s holiday pay policy has been discussed among many employees and potential job seekers. A quick message board search and you can see the various issues and success stories surrounding it.

Walmart, in the past, offered holiday pay, but it appears that they last provided holiday pay to their employees over three years ago. Some employees have been disappointed with the current policy, as they’re sometimes required to work even during significant holidays.

That’s big, especially if a particular holiday such as Fourth of July or Memorial Day has significance for you. Those are usually some of the busier shopping days, and understandably the work is more intense in those periods.

But the pay simply remains the same part of your regularly scheudled hours. Besides, Walmart almost never offers overtime pay, so it just doesnt work that way.

On the positive side, Walmart associates may earn additional paid time off (PTO) hours on specific holidays instead. For example, employees are granted extra PTO hours for working on Black Friday or Christmas Day.

In all fairness, Walmart’s holiday pay practices might vary among locations and positions. Some employees in certain roles. Still, it’s essential to note that these instances only sometimes reflect the standard experience for only some employees.

Part-Time and Full-Time Employees

Whether you are a part-time or full-time employee, your eligibility for holiday pay at Walmart may have changed over the years. The Personal Time Off (PTO) system replaced the holiday pay system a few years ago.

This means that you no longer receive specific holiday pay; instead, you accrue PTO that can be used for vacation, personal days, sick leave, and holidays. That in a way is more useful because you can use that time when you need it most. I also like this because if you need to take a big trip, you can allocate all of that time to that spot.

Tenure and Associate Roles

Since Walmart has moved to the PTO system, all associates, regardless of tenure and role, earn PTO based on their work hours. However, factors like your employment status (part-time or full-time), the number of hours you’ve worked, and your position within the company still influence the amount of PTO you can accumulate.

Here’s a chart showing how much PTO you can expect to earn depending on your work experience with Walmart:

Employment StatusYears of ServiceAnnual PTO
Full-time hourly associates1+ years48 hours
Salaried associates1-4 years120 hours
Salaried associates5+ years160 hours
Salaried associates25+ years192 hours

Keep in mind that as a Walmart associate, you might be required to work on holidays, but you’ll be compensated through the PTO system instead of receiving specific holiday pay.

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