Does Walmart Coupon Match – Price Matching Policies & More Explained

If you’re an avid shopper at Walmart, you might be curious if the retail giant offers coupon matching.

While Walmart doesn’t have a specific coupon match policy, they do have a price match policy that can help you save money on your purchases.

Walmart’s price match policy allows you to compare prices with select online retailers, and if a lower price is found, Walmart will match it. This way, you can still get the best deal possible on your favorite products.

Walmart Price Matching, Coupons, & More Explained

Although coupon matching isn’t a thing at Walmart, there are still ways you can use coupons to enhance your savings. Combined with price matching, there’s a lot of positives here.

Walmart Price Match

Exciting news for bargain-hunters like you! Walmart offers a price match policy to help you save even more money.

In select circumstances, if you find an item at a lower price on a competitor’s website, Walmart will match that price for you. Please note that price matching policies may differ between Walmart stores and

Some item categories may also be intelligible for this offer.

Walmart Coupons

Walmart offers its own coupons, and in most cases, it’ll be tough for any competitor to beat their already low prices when combining them. For that reason, you’re not likely to see coupon matching take place at the retailer.

First of all, the coupons you use need to read “Manufacturer Coupon” across the top, include an expiration date, and contain a scannable barcode. You’ll be happy to hear that Walmart accepts both digital and print coupons, but keep in mind they do not offer their own digital coupons.

Don’t forget these important details about using coupons at Walmart:

  • Walmart only accepts coupons for merchandise they sell and they must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • Walmart will not accept expired coupons.
  • Unfortunately, competitor coupons are not accepted at Walmart.
  • For items purchased from that later decrease in price, Walmart does not offer price matching.

In-store vs. Online

Customers can use various coupons at a Walmart store, including manufacturer, printable, Catalinas, and combo coupons. Howeer, stacking coupons for the same product is not allowed.

Regarding online purchases, will price-match items from Amazon but only for those bought online. This price-matching policy does not apply to in-store purchases.

Tips for Successful Coupon Matching

To maximize your savings at Walmart, follow these tips for successful coupon matching:

  • Present valid and unexpired coupons at the time of purchase.
  • Always read the fine print on your coupons, as some exclusions may apply.
  • Be prepared with evidence of a lower price at a competitor, such as a printed ad or a screenshot on your smartphone.
  • Familiarize yourself with Walmart’s coupon acceptance guidelines, such as the types of coupons they accept and any restrictions on their use.

Maximizing Savings at Walmart

Walmart App

Get ready to save big by using the Walmart app.

This handy tool lets you create shopping lists, search for discounts, and even find the best deals in your local Walmart store. Make the most of your shopping experience by exploring the app’s features; you could end up saving a surprising amount on your purchases.

Clearance and Discounts

Dive into Walmart’s clearance section to find amazing offers on a wide variety of products. Look out for eye-catching discounts, as these can lead to substantial savings.

Walmart is famous for markdowns on various items, so make sure to scour every aisle and hidden corner for the best deals. The more you search, the more likely you’ll find products at irresistible prices.


Unlock even more savings through rebate offers! By pairing your Walmart purchases with rebate apps like Ibotta or Checkout51, you can potentially receive money back on items you’ve already purchased.

Keep an eye on these apps, as they frequently update with new offers, helping you save even more money with each shopping trip. Don’t forget to claim your rebates and watch your savings grow!

Remember to utilize these strategies to maximize your savings at Walmart, and happy shopping!

Special Events and Offers

Soemtimes the savings rules change depending on special events, or dates lke Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals

During Black Friday, Walmart offers a plethora of deals that you cannot miss! They host a variety of discounted items across all departments, such as electronics, toys, and apparel. As a savvy shopper, make sure to keep an eye on Walmart’s Black Friday deals, as they change every year.

However, you should know that Walmart’s price match policy may not be applicable during this special event.

This means you might be unable to price match other retailers during Black Friday sales. Nevertheless, their discounts are generally impressive, so don’t miss the opportunity to grab some fantastic deals!

Used and Refurbished Products

Did you know that Walmart also offers a selection of used and refurbished products? Yes, that’s right! You can save even more on your purchases by browsing through their pre-owned items. These products often include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

What’s fantastic about these used and refurbished items is that they must pass Walmart’s strict quality inspection process before being sold, ensuring that you get reliable and functional devices at a lower cost.

Comparing Walmart to Competitors

Regarding coupon matching, Walmart has a unique approach compared to its competitors, such as Amazon and Target. Let’s dive deeper into how these companies differ regarding coupon-matching policies.

Price Matching with Amazon

Walmart stores do not match other online retailers, including, as their in-store price match policy only applies to

In contrast, Amazon does not have a specific coupon matching policy but strives to offer competitive prices on its products. Additionally, third-party sellers are not eligible for price matching on Walmart or Amazon’s platforms.

Price Matching with Target

Target has a more lenient price matching policy, allowing customers to price match with select online competitors, such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. This gives customers more flexibility when comparing prices between these retailers.

However, like Walmart, Target does not price match third-party sellers on competitors’ websites, meaning the order must be fulfilled and shipped by the competitor directly.

When comparing Walmart and Target, it’s important to note that Walmart primarily price matches with its own website. At the same time, Target offers a more inclusive price-matching policy with several competitors.

Coupon Matching Challenges and Limitations

When it comes to Walmart coupon matching, shoppers should be aware of a few challenges and limitations. This section will explore obstacles related to Color and Variations and Walmart Deals Exclusions.

Color and Variations

One of the issues in coupon matching arises when products come with different color options or variable features that may need to be clearly specified on the coupon.

Walmart may not match coupons for products with color or other variations unless the coupon lists the eligible color or variation. For example, a coupon for a particular brand of shoes may not be applicable if it only lists one color option but the store carries multiple colors of that shoe.

Walmart Deals Exclusions

Even though Walmart has an accommodating coupon policy that accepts a variety of coupons, there are certain exclusions that shoppers should be aware of. For example, Walmart does not match coupons for items requiring a separate purchase to get the advertised price or a minimum quantity purchase to receive a discount.

This means that if a competitor offers a discounted price on a product when purchased with another item or in bulk, Walmart may not match that deal.

Furthermore, Walmart may exclude specific deals or promotions from its price matching policy, such as limited-time offers or items advertised as clearance, closeout, or liquidation sales.

This means shoppers might need help to take advantage of such deals while shopping at Walmart, even if they have a coupon for the product.

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