Does Target Blow Up Balloons

Have you ever wondered whether Target blows up balloons for your special occasions? It’s a valid question since balloons are a popular party decoration, and knowing where to get them filled can be quite helpful.

Unfortunately, Target does not blow up balloons, and they offer no sort of helium inflation services.

However, Target does sell helium balloon kits, including a helium tank, balloons, and ribbons. These kits allow you to inflate balloons yourself and its pretty cost effective if you plan to do it often.

So, although Target does not directly blow up balloons, they do provide a do-it-yourself option for your helium balloon needs. I’ll share with you some of the item they do have so that you can get your balloons inflated other ways. I’ll also share other stores you can get the service done if you prefer not to go the DIY route.

Types of Balloons Available at Target

Even though Target won’t fill balloons for you, they still provide the tools needed to get it done on your own. I think it’s great to know that Target offers a wide variety of balloons to suit your party needs. They have an extensive collection of balloons in different materials, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

Target offers latex balloons in various colors and sizes, including 9-inch options. They also carry foil balloons in various shapes, such as stars, hearts, and even your favorite characters.

If you want to spell out a name or a special message, Target offers letter balloons in various sizes. These balloons make a statement and are a perfect addition to birthday celebrations, baby showers, or graduation parties.

They also carry number balloons when commemorating a milestone birthday or anniversary.

Target also offers a selection of specialty balloons to add extra flair to your event. These unique balloons come in various shapes and designs, such as animals, characters, and objects, or even feature built-in lights for added pizzazz.

With such a vast selection of balloons available at Target, you’re sure to find the perfect options to elevate your celebration and make your event truly memorable.


Prices for foil balloons at Target start at $1.49 for a set of 15ct Color Mix Balloons and go up to $49.99 for a 12″ Jumbo Helium Balloon Tank Kit Balloon Time. Customers can purchase foil balloons online for Same Day Delivery, Drive Up, or Order Pickup. 

Getting Your Balloons Inflated Elsewhere

If you’re still reading this and don’t really want to do the balloon inflating yourself, there are still plenty of options. The only kicker is that those don’t include Target. So, I put together a small but helpful list of places you can get it done instead.

  • Party City: Party City offers a wide range of balloon options and helium services as a party-focused store. It’s an excellent place to find everything you need for your party. The helium is free if you purchase the balloons through them, just make sure it’s included in the balloon purchase terms. You can also bring in outside balloons from Target to the store too, but there will be a fee.
  • Dollar General and Dollar Tree: These discount stores often carry a smaller selection of balloons and may also provide helium services. Check your local store for availability and pricing. In most cases it’s free as long as you purchase the balloons from them.
  • CVS, Kroger, Meijer, and Publix: These grocery stores sometimes offer balloon and helium services as part of their party supplies. Availability and pricing may vary by location. Anywhere from $0.25 to $2.00 depending on the type of balloon and helium required.

Remember, calling or visiting your local store to check their specific balloon services is always best. Good luck with your party planning, and enjoy your beautifully inflated balloons!

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