Why Does Publix Not Show Prices Online – What You Should Know!

As consumers, we like to know precisely what the price of an item is before we buy it. If you’ve ever searched the Publix website for a specific item, you may find that the prices are not listed. Some stores list their prices online, but others do not. The Publix website is great for looking for deals and item availability. However, you may notice that Publix does not list its items’ prices online.

This is because Publix does not show prices for all items unless they are available to purchase online. Although the prices are unavailable for many items online, there are ways to check your specific item’s price using other online tools.

Although Publix does not show prices online for all items, there are ways to check the price of a specific item without using the Publix website. Read on to learn more about how to check the price of Publix items online.

Check Instacart

There are three ways to shop online at Publix. You can choose in-store pickup, curbside pickup, or delivery via Instacart. The best way to view item prices is by using the Instacart website. Because you are using an online service to purchase the items, Instacart will list the price of the items available.

However, note that Publix sets item prices on this platform; therefore, the prices listed may be higher than the in-store prices. Although there is a 10-20% markup on items, checking Publix prices online via Instacart is a great way to get a ballpark estimate on a specific item.

If you cannot find an item’s price on the Publix website, check Instacart for a rough estimate before you shop in-store.

Look for Deals

Even if you can’t check the price of a specific item online, the Publix website is an excellent tool for checking weekly specials. If you couldn’t get your hands on the weekly ad flyer from Publix, you could always check online for the special deals available at Publix.

Under the “Savings” tab on the Publix website, you can browse through the weekly ads, BOGOs, Digital coupons, and more. The discounted prices listed on the weekly ad could be a helpful tool as you make your grocery list for the week.

Try using the Publix website to look for deals online before you shop. You may even find the item you need under the sales category.

Online Ordering

Although Publix doesn’t list prices online for all items, it doesn’t mean that no prices are listed. Some of the best item prices are listed on the Publix website. Part of what makes shopping at Publix unique is the deli, bakery, and seafood counters.

Depending on what you need from the Publix counters, you can check prices for custom subs, cakes, platters, and more. You can even use Publix as a caterer for your next big event. If you’re looking for a delicious sub for lunch or a chicken wing party platter, try checking the prices online for the Publix deli counter.

Make a List Online

Although the prices for individual items are not listed on the Publix website, you can still use the search bar to search for any item available in the store. The Publix website allows you to create your shopping list online. Use the search bar to look up any item you need, and you will be taken to a results list. From here, you can add the item to your shopping list.

The online shopping list is useful because, for each item, it lists product information and aisle location. Making a list online before you shop in-store is a great way to utilize the Publix website and organize your shopping list.

Call the Store for Information

While it may seem old-fashioned to call customer service, calling your local Publix may help you locate a specific item to find the price. You can use the Publix website for local store information to call your home store. While online, use the search bar to see if the item is available.

This way, you can be descriptive when connected with customer service. Publix is known for its excellent customer service, so if you cannot find an item’s exact price on the Publix website, consider giving your local Publix a call so you can speak to a human who can help.

Prices Vary By Store

Whenever you go to any grocery store website, you may notice that the website will immediately ask for your location. Inputting your zip code will impact the item available based on your home store and the price. The location of grocery stores like Publix impacts the pricing of certain items.

Although it may not be much, keep in mind that many stores’ prices vary based on location.

Online Pricing Pros and Cons

As consumers, price is probably the biggest factor impacting our purchasing ability. The price of one singular item can impact the rest of your cart’s inventory. Although the lack of pricing may be an inconvenience for some, here are some pros of Publix’s online pricing strategy:

  • Easier to promote sales
  • Bakery and deli items are featured
  • Boosts Instacart orders
  • Increases foot traffic

Many consumers believe that keeping the price hidden is inconvenient, which could impact their decision to shop at Publix. Here are some cons of Publix’s online pricing strategy.

  • Customers may choose to shop elsewhere
  • Difficult to price-match
  • Prices vary by location

Although Publix does not include prices online for every item, there are ways to check the price without using the Publix website. Every grocery store website is different, but savvy shoppers can utilize online tools to make grocery shopping and planning easier.


Online shopping is a great way to browse an aisle of retail stores and supermarkets without leaving home. Publix is known for its excellent customer service, bakery, and deli counters.

While the entire grocery store inventory prices are unavailable online, the Publix website focuses on what makes the store unique. Consider using the Publix website to order ahead, make lists, and find coupons before stepping into the store.

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