Why Is Publix Deli Slow

Publix Supermarkets are incredible in so many ways. Especially when it comes to their deli section and Sub Station, for those with a beach nearby, ordering a chicken tender Pub Sub with chips and peach iced tea is a perfect solution to a hot summer day on the beach.

But, frequent visitors will agree that while Publix exceeds in many aspects, their deli section is notoriously slow. Even on TripAdvisor, someone reviewed that the deli section needs to be faster to get anyone ready. And customers looking to get to the beach must be served as soon as possible or face losing their favorite spot.

Publix deli departments tend to be slow because of high turnover, low pay, and new employees who need to be more experienced in preparing orders.

Some customers report waiting 15 to 20 minutes for an associate to take their order and make a sandwich. Others report that there are insufficient workers, creating a bottleneck during their busiest times, especially if many online orders need to be processed.

The Rise of the Pub Sub

Publix Supermarkets did not have a Sub Station when it initially opened. However, in late 1960, cold-cut meats and cheeses became its own section—best known today as the deli—and have been able to grow and change with demand over the years.

Especially as both parents of the household began working, meals needed to be ready quickly. And the convenience of lunch boxes, hot meals, salads, and cold cuts, including the Pub Sub, came into existence. 

With the rise of sports in the United States, sandwiches became an easy meal option before a game. To meet this demand, Publix Supermarkets released meal boxes still available today as the Family Combo Meals.

Pub Subs, however, were available in the 1990s when the supermarket rebranded its deli section. With this rebrand, they introduced their fried chicken tenders and, subsequently, the Pub Sub. Publix also allows customization of its sandwiches so that each time could be a unique experience (like a chicken tender and mac and cheese sub).

Publix hot meals and sandwiches are popular with households because of their convenience and the fact that they can still taste like a home-cooked meal. Grab-and-go meals are a necessity in this reality. However, since both adults in the households tend to work, it takes work to cook dinner each night, especially after a long day in the office.

Why is the Deli Department So Slow?

The Publix Deli Department is one of the most essential sections of the store. They provide the service of preparing Pub Subs and other meats and cheeses. However, Reddit users state multiple issues at the Publix locations where they worked. Most complaints are of staffing issues, customers ordering more than one sandwich—usually for an entire family—and the deli section’s overall popularity.

The more important question is why Publix needs to be more proactive in improving this section and making it easier for its workers to prepare orders. Former employees report running out of the precut kits after the lunch rush and must slice the additional meats themselves. Additionally, they are limited to a small number of slicers to accomplish this while attending to customers simultaneously.

Even from job hunting websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, former employees comment on how challenging it can be to work the deli section. Their main complaints are that it becomes a hectic working environment, insufficient staff, and the company is reluctant to grant overtime or make full-time schedules. Plus, their raises are minimal and only once a year.

Working situations like this are incredibly frustrating to workers as much as the customers waiting in line to pick up their orders.

How to Receive Your Order Faster

It is safe to say that Publix Deli Departments run slowly, but people keep coming back for more. While there is a slew of variables that can potentially slow down your order, there are a few actions that you can take that will help expedite the process.

Customers should use the Publix app to place their orders, as it allows users to select a time frame for pickup. Publix deli workers will make sure that your sub is ready at that particular time. This app ordering ability opens the door to more than just sandwiches. Customers can also place an order for sandwich platters, boxed lunches, and wraps.

The downfall is that the time frame you want your sub ready may be out of stock. Although it is unavailable to all customers, many find themselves reasonably far from multiple Publix. Customers with more than one local Publix can place the order in another location. If that is also not available, selecting a later time is best.

When placing the online order, it is best to decide what kind of sub you want in the morning to select an optimal window for pickup. When the order is placed online, the customer will come to the store at the selected time frame and pick up their order. Online ordering is essential during deli peak hours.

These Tips Should Help

Slow service can be inconvenient, but Publix has prepared ways for customers to receive their orders reasonably through online ordering. Customers should take advantage of their options to expedite their orders online or through their app.

Publix subs are a must-have and are delicious. Unfortunately, while no one likes to waste their time, sometimes things happen. But as a customer and knowing this, doing whatever possible to prevent that should be kept in mind. So, when are you ordering your next Pub Sub? Are you going to order online this time?

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