Does DHL Take Pictures Of Delivery

Thanks to e-commerce and global trade, making sure an item reaches its destination is important as more items are shipped. In particular, many small businesses use DHL to help receive their items safely and quickly. Does DHL also offer photo proof of delivery, and if so, how can you access this proof? 

DHL offers photographic proof of parcel delivery through the customer dashboard, available online or via the official DHL app. This information is something that customers must request and can later view on-site or in-app. Still, it does provide consumers with a level of security and certainty that the package has been safely delivered. 

Keep reading to learn more about the DHL proof of delivery process, how to access it, and how to ensure your package stays safe. 

When Do Drivers Take Pictures?

Drivers will take pictures of the package being delivered at the request of the receiver or the shipper. Suppose you have ordered an item and it is coming via DHS. In that case, you can use your user dashboard to check on the location of your package via your tracking number and can also request photographic proof of delivery or signage.

Suppose you have requested photographic proof of delivery. In that case, you can check the delivery status and view the associated delivery driver photograph via the online dashboard on a laptop or through the DHL app on your phone. 

What If My Package Isn’t Delivered? 

In some cases, you may have received a photo of a delivery, but the package is still inside your door. What happened? If you have requested the package to be left with a neighbor, it is likely that your neighbor has received it and is not holding on to your package. 

Alternatively, the DHL driver may have left the package with the first apartment they came across in your building. This sometimes happens in apartment units. Check with the neighbor who lives closest to the main entry in your building, as there is a chance they are holding your package. 

It is also possible that your DHL delivery driver needs clarification and needs to drop the package off at the wrong location. So if the photo of the delivery shows a door that is not your own, call DHL and explain your problem. They can contact your delivery driver, which may help clarify your package’s location. 

Another possibility is that your package was delivered to your door, but the driver has chosen to return the package to his truck rather than leave it exposed or open the theft. If this is the case, you can typically expect your package to arrive at your door the next day, as some DHL drivers will refuse to leave a package if they are concerned about possible package theft. 

Other Security Measures

To ensure your DHL delivery is secure, access and request all confirmations and images via the official DHL website or app. Do not trust text messages allegedly from DHL, as these may be fraudulent

To keep things especially secure, you can also request a signature on delivery or choose the day and time of delivery. DHL drivers are known for being punctual and careful and sometimes refuse to deliver a package rather than leave it outside of a customer’s hands. 

For added security, you may also request for your package to be delivered to a local DHL store for pickup by you. This ensures that you can get a hold of the package at a convenient time and that your package remains safe. 

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