Why Can’t FedEx Hold My Package

Many parcel delivery companies are working to deliver packages to customers across the United States. While FedEx is one of the most popular delivery companies, it is far from perfect. As a result, customers may find that their packages cannot be held at a FedEx location, which can be frustrating.

Customers are asked to create a FedEx Delivery Manager account to accomplish any special requests. This account allows customers to place delivery instructions, redelivering instructions, request holds, vacation holds, and track their shipments. The sign-up for this account is entirely free for all customers.

Requesting a package hold through the Delivery Manager Account is straightforward. First, customers are requested to input their tracking number at the FedEx tracking page and then select Manage Delivery. One of the options that will appear is the one called Hold at Location.

When arriving at the right page, customers will click on these options and choose one of the participating stores closest to them. Locations can be something other than a FedEx store. For example, sometimes customers can select Walgreens, Kroger, Albertsons, or Safeway. This is an excellent option for those customers that need to make a pit stop at the grocery store.

When the location is selected, they will receive a confirmation via text message that their package is being rerouted to this new location and will be held there until it is ready for pick up. But what If you are expecting a package through FedEx but need them to hold it for a few days or to be picked up at your local facility? And what can you do if the option is unavailable for the package you receive?

Four Reasons Why FedEx Can’t Hold Your Package

There can be a few reasons why packages cannot be held at a FedEx location. Customers are encouraged to advise FedEx as soon as possible once they realize that they need a hold and request it. Requests can be made online, via an app, or by calling their customer service number.

It is past the deadline to hold your package

Holds should be requested by midnight the day before scheduled delivery. If the customer cannot request the hold before this deadline, the package may continue en route to the address it was mailed to since it will make it to its assigned truck.

Once the package is on the truck, the driver will attempt to deliver the parcel and return to the FedEx hub once the driver completes its route for the day. However, once the package returns, it will be set on hold for the customer to pick it up as soon as the next business day.

Packages cannot be held for more than seven days

Package holding is an excellent option for those out of town for a couple of days. It keeps the packages safe from potential thieves and does not permit a pile-up in front of your door. However, FedEx will only hold packages for seven days before they are returned to its shipper, without exceptions.

The best bet is that if the customer cannot go themselves, they should have someone living at the same address and over 21 sign off on the package. The other person must show proof of residence to the FedEx worker by providing their state-issued driver’s license, utility bill, or passport.

Vacation Holds are not available for all services

However, if a customer is going on vacation for more than seven days—or requires a hold for more than that—FedEx cannot hold it for longer than seven days, and the package will be sent back to its shipper unless a vacation hold is requested. FedEx offers another kind of hold particular holds, like a vacation hold which lasts up to 14 days.

Customers can only participate in the vacation hold using Express and FedEx Ground packages. No pickup is needed after the vacation hold since the diver will commence dropping off your packages once the date range is complete. If any packages require a signature, someone over 21 must be home to accept and sign off on the package.

The shipper blocked the “On hold” option

For those who order computers or cell phones online, sometimes the vendor will limit how you can pick up your purchase. Usually, this is because the items are of significant value, and they want to make sure the person who placed the order is the one who signs off when it is received. This is common for Apple and AT&T products.

Some forums suggest this can be overwritten by calling the shipper or calling FedEx directly to claim that there is an exception. This will lead to a conversation with a manager that will ask a series of questions and ask the customer to explain why there is an exception (usually mentioning an upcoming flight will be enough to justify activation of the hold for that particular parcel). This exception is not guaranteed, though, and recipients of the package should plan to be home for its delivery.

The Takeaway

The next time FedEx lets you know they cannot hold your package, keep these possibilities in mind. Sometimes, things happen, and as a recipient, it is essential to do what you can to make deliveries easier and more efficient. For example, if you cannot meet the deadline of the 7-day hold, packages can be picked up by anyone who shares the same address as the customer and can prove it by providing a state-issued ID.

Remember that there are different kinds of holds: a regular hold and a vacation hold. Customers can place the hold on one package, a standard hold, or request an up to 14-day vacation hold. Both services are free of charge.

So, the next time you expect a package delivered by FedEx, you can select an option to hold or place a vacation hold for all of your packages.

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