Does Walmart Take Dollar Coins

Walmart accepts various payment types, from Walmart Pay to credit cards. Walmart also accepts cash, of course, but what about dollar coins? Does Walmart accept $1 coins as legal tender?

Yes, Walmart will accept dollar coins as legal tender, and you should be able to pay with dollar coins both at a traditionally operated register and at the self-check machines. The only coins that are not accepted are foreign coins and coins no longer in circulation as a form of payment. 

The self-check machines at Walmart are specially designed and programmed to accept all legal coins and bills as a form of payment. At Walmart, emptying the self-check machines at the end of the day and finding a few Sacajawea Dollars and half-dollar coins in a separate coin bin was common. This meant that the machine could read and interpret the information on the coin and its size and value and deduct its value from the total bill.

Cashiers at manned registers should also be able to take dollar coins. If you meet with a cashier unfamiliar with dollar coins, explain to him or her that the coin in question is worth a dollar, and if still confused or unsure, the cashier can simply call a supervisor to confirm this. 

What do you do if the self-check machine rejects your dollar coin? This can happen if your coin is worn or the machine’s software needs to be calibrated to recognize a newly minted dollar coin. If the self-check machine “spits out” your coin, ask the self-check host (the employee standing guard, as it were, and helping customers with the process), and he or she can exchange your coin for a one-dollar bill or four quarters. 

The Coin Star machines at many Walmarts should be able to take dollar coins, as well. The only exception would be dollar coins no longer in use as legal tenders, such as the “Eisenhower Silver Dollars.” Of course, Coin Star can not take foreign or other coins that are no longer used as a form of payment. 

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