What Does FedEx In Transit Mean

Have you ever watched the status of your package only to find that it’s been “in transit” for several days? You’re not alone. Tracking can be a great way to ensure your shipment gets to its destination, but some statuses are vague or misleading. So what does FedEx in transit mean?

In transit is a tracking status that means your package has left the shipment facility and is on its way to its destination. Your shipment will likely remain in transit until getting sent out for delivery.

If you’re still curious about the status of your package, continue reading to learn more about the shipping process.

When Do Package Statuses Change to In Transit?

Several tracking statuses may appear before a package changes to the “In Transit” status. Some of the most common include:

  • Billing Info Received
  • Shipment Info Has Been Sent To FedEx
  • New
  • Label Created

These statuses show up when a shipper creates a label for a package but don’t necessarily indicate that the shipment facility has possession of it.

The status may change to “Picked Up” before being shipped. This status indicates that the facility has possession of your parcel but has yet to process it for shipment.

Once your package leaves the original facility, bound for its final destination, your tracking status will change to “In Transit.” Barring any unexpected delays, the container will typically stay “In Transit” until being changed to “Out For Delivery.”

Several other statuses may appear in between and usually signal some delay.

How Long Will My Package Stay In Transit?

If you’ve noticed your package status changed to “In Transit,” you might wonder how long it will take before it gets to you.

As we learned, “In Transit” means the package has left the original shipping facility and is on its way to its final destination. How long that takes depends on how far the container has to go.

International shipping may take longer because it has to go through customs. Additionally, shipping across the country will take longer than shipping in-state because the parcel will go through several facilities.

On average, shipments within the country typically stay in transit between 3 to 10 business days. That said, delays may occur during busy seasons or in areas experiencing bad weather.

Is There a Difference Between In Transit and Out For Delivery?

Although the two tracking statuses seem interchangeable, they technically mean different things.

“In Transit” means your package is between the original shipment facility and its intended destination. It could be on a vehicle such as a plane or truck, or it could be sitting in a shipping warehouse. 

“Out For Delivery” is a bit more specific. This means that your package is currently on the truck to deliver to your house. In most cases, it means you’ll get your package that day.

What Does It Mean If My Package Is Stuck in Transit?

You might notice that your package suddenly stops moving. No tracking updates are made, and things go dark. In some cases, the status may change to “Stuck In Transit,” but what does that mean?

Although the status is self-explanatory, it can still strike anxiety in shippers and people waiting for packages. But don’t panic just yet. This status means that your parcel has not been scanned for a certain period—typically 24 hours.

There are many reasons why a shipment may get “Stuck In Transit.” It could be sitting in a depot waiting to be shipped, on a truck that has yet to stop at a facility, or stuck in customs.

The good news is that you’ll typically see movement within a couple of days (although custom holds may take longer). 

If you still need to see updates after 3 to 5 business days, you may need to contact customer service.

What Should I Do If My Package Is in Transit Too Long?

It depends on the situation.

Relax if your package is “In Transit,” and you’re still getting updates showing movement. It’s on its way!

Call customer service if your package is “In Transit” but has not moved from a specific facility after three to five days. Packages are sometimes shuffled aside or lost, and a service rep can ask the facility to investigate.

The package may have gotten caught in customs if you’re waiting for an international shipment. Typically, your tracking status will reflect this, and there’s little customer service can do to help the process move any faster.

The best thing you can do is to be patient and stay in contact with customer service. If the package goes missing, you may have to work with the seller for a refund.


Tracking can add security to the shipping process. Still, it’s sometimes difficult to interpret the different tracking statuses when your package shows as “In Transit” it means that FedEx has possession of the parcel and it’s on its way to its destination. During this time, you’ll get updates every time the package enters and leaves a shipping depot.

If you stop receiving updates or the package remains at one facility for more than a week, give customer service a call. Although their knowledge is limited, they can contact the last known facility to find more information.

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