Does FedEx Need My Gate Code

With the rapid proliferation of online shopping comes an increased volume of packages. After all, few things beat the convenience of shopping online after work in your favorite slippers. However, many of us live in gated communities or have locked gates to our properties. While these security precautions make everyone feel safer, they make it more difficult when the long-expected package arrives.

While locked gates keep the bad guys away from your home and family, they keep delivery drivers like FedEx out. Or do they?

Contrary to popular belief, FedEx can only sometimes need your gate code to deliver packages. While giving your gate codes to delivery companies will help facilitate the delivery, other options are available. Additionally, getting your gate code to FedEx is less convenient than many other delivery services.

Let’s look at your options when the FedEx driver comes calling.

Giving Your Gate Code to FedEx

It used to be that FedEx did not allow you to give your gate code at all. Instead, if the driver could not reach the package recipient on the intercom, they’d look for somewhere else to leave it. In particular, apartment houses usually have an office that accepts packages. And if the driver can’t find a safe place to leave the package, they give you a door tag instead. In that case, you had to pick up the package at their office.

However, there is evidence that FedEx has changed its policy. Specifically, Google Shopping states you can give a gate code by calling their customer service number. Additionally, you can give special delivery instructions to your FedEx driver through their Delivery Manager service. This is available both on the website and the FedEx mobile app. It’s important to note that once you give these instructions, they will be stored in your FedEx account until changed.

FedEx Gate Code Alternatives

Of course, you may not want to give your gate codes to FedEx. Additionally, giving them your code could expose your home and neighborhood to security risks if the code ends up in the wrong hands. Changing your code can be a significant hassle, and many people would rather avoid it.

Your alternatives vary depending on your neighborhood and your preferences.

Ask the FedEx driver to call you

This one’s old-school, but it still works. Most gated communities have call boxes that let you enter the code — or call a resident. You can then answer the phone and let your driver in. Once the driver leaves, they won’t have access to your neighborhood unless they have another delivery later and get permission from the recipient.

Provide a drop box

Drop boxes may be a great option if the gate to your property only provides access to your house. These lockable boxes let the delivery driver place an object in them, then close the lid. Once the lids have been closed, only you can take the package out.

The great thing about this option is that you can protect your packages from porch pirates and the elements without letting your delivery drivers have access to the property. They also can be used by drivers for any shipping service. Some are even compatible with app-based delivery services. Typically, you’ll get notifications that your package has been delivered, allowing you to collect it promptly.

Neighborhood package boxes

If you get your mail at a central location, the chances are that you’ve seen these. they are larger mailboxes with a key. While the Post Office only uses the original form, there are similar boxes that FedEx or other shippers can access. Then, you get a code to open the box and retrieve your package.

Frequently, this box would be close to your community’s office or at the end of every street.

Commercially-available delivery driver access codes

A modern option is driver access codes for communities. This software solution provides unique codes for each access event or a common code only available to the drivers. Some of the most advanced options even interface with major delivery apps, so delivery drivers should be kept from getting stuck or calling the recipient. Best of all, these codes are very secure and prevent most incidents of unauthorized access. Typically, this solution is provided at the community level.

FedEx door tags

Traditionally, if FedEx or another shipping company can’t access your property to make a delivery, they will leave a notice. For FedEx, this is called a door tag, telling you where to pick up your package. Sometimes, they will also say there will be another delivery attempt. Whether or not this happens depends upon your shipper’s instructions and other factors.

If you get a door tag, you’ll want to find out when the location is open. Then, you typically can pick up your delivery during their business hours.

FedEx pickup locations

Finally, FedEx offers delivery to pickup locations. The original option is having FedEx leave the package at your Community’s business office or with the neighbor. However, with people working different shifts, an often more convenient option is using a formal pickup location. For instance, a FedEx Office location will hold packages, as will the local shipping depot.

There are other pickup location options, too. Many retail chains will take a FedEx delivery on your behalf. You can find a list of these for your area on the Internet. To use it, you will give the pickup location as the shipping address.

Final Thoughts

Having a gate in front of your property provides a lot of security for you and your family. However, getting a delivery while you’re gone can be a hassle. And while you might choose to give FedEx your gate code for convenience, you don’t have to take security risks. Several other options can provide the convenience of not buying everything in the local store without risking your family’s safety.

Best of all, most of these options are very convenient.

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