Can FedEx Workers Accept Tips

At certain times of the year, many of us want to give small tokens of our appreciation to the people that help us. After all, people in the service industry can easily feel underpaid and underappreciated, and the last few years have made this perception worse. Frequently, we want to express appreciation by giving a tip. These help low-paid employees have some money left over after the rent is paid or treat themselves to dinner.

However, various delivery drivers must worry about company policies that may limit their ability to accept certain types of gratuity. In particular, FedEx prohibits employees from accepting cash or anything that can be traded for cash, such as gift cards. They are also banned from accepting repeated gifts, even if the value is small.

So, how can you express appreciation for that FedEx driver who delivered your heavy flatpack furniture this year? Let’s take a look.

Small Tangible Gifts Are Okay

Despite the gift card ban, FedEx does recognize that small gifts can help foster relationships between people, including customers. For this reason, they permit employees to accept occasional gifts of minimal value from their customers. However, they can’t accept gifts from the same customer regularly.

Practically speaking, the policy means that if you want to give something small, like some homemade cookies or even a mug, once or twice a year, that’s fine. And it doesn’t even have to be a designated special occasion. For instance, many people will place a cooler with water bottles and sports drinks on their porch during a heat wave, with a note that delivery drivers can have one. This is a small piece of human kindness that is very appreciated.

Another inexpensive way to share appreciation with your FedEx driver is by giving them a holiday card. They only cost a dollar or two each, but they speak volumes about your appreciation for the driver. Of course, thank you cards or similar notes are welcome any time of year. Adding cards to a small gift of some cookies or candies is a great idea if you want to give something tangible.

Other Ways To Pat Your FedEx Driver On The Back

Not all “thank you’s” need to be tangible. While those cards and notes help boost a driver’s day or even week, there are other ways of showing appreciation. Some can even impact their careers for the better.

Say hello or wave at them

If you are home when the FedEx driver calls, one way to brighten their day is by saying hello. This doesn’t have to be an awkward introduction. Rather, you can do something less intimidating, like ask if the package is for you. This is especially effective if your neighbors are close. Breaking the ice can then allow you to express your appreciation.

Similarly, saying thank you as you pull the package off your porch can be very effective. Ensure they haven’t returned to their vehicle yet, as they might not hear you in this situation. Again, human connections are critical.

Finally, if your FedEx driver can see you from the window or your porch, you might wave at them. This can be less effective because the driver may not see you. But if they do, you might get this friendly smile or a wave back.

Call your local office.

Call your local delivery depot if you want your driver’s supervisor to hear that they’re awesome. If you know your driver’s name, you can mention it and say that this person did a good job. Alternatively, you might give a truck number (it’s usually on the back) or your address. When they return to the office, these compliments will be passed on to your driver.

While there’s no guarantee, many businesses take note of customer compliments about their service employees. If your driver applies for a promotion or has an important performance review, your praise may boost their chances of success.

Express appreciation on another platform

You don’t have to call the local office to give your driver some appreciation. If you can’t reach anybody at the depot or want to go bigger, consider calling FedEx customer service and leaving a friendly comment. You may also be able to leave a thank you note on the FedEx website. And, of course, social media is a very public way to thank your driver.

Once again, public praise helps boost driver morale. If it’s traced back to your specific driver, the accolades can also be helpful during evaluations.

Final Thoughts

FedEx drivers are prohibited by company policy from receiving cash or gift cards as a tip. They are also not allowed to accept anything expensive. However, small tokens of appreciation and accolades delivered to the company are great ways to give your driver a wonderful day. Best of all, compliments delivered the right way can even. 

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