Can FedEx Packages Arrive Early

UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx are some of the most popular carriers to date. Ordering packages online is simple, and becoming increasingly common for customers to receive medicine, merchandise, gifts, and more. To keep up with the increased volume of packages, postal carriers provide users with tracking numbers that show step-by-step where the parcel is located during transit.

However, despite this, the exact delivery date can sometimes be up in the air. Carriers like FedEx provide an anticipated delivery date. Can I receive packages sooner than expected?

The truth is that while there will be some exceptions, FedEx packages are delivered on the day that it is estimated to arrive. It is unlikely that it will arrive sooner than that scheduled date. As a result, the estimated delivery date will also serve as a guaranteed delivery window.

The estimated delivery date that FedEx uses is calculated as each parcel is scanned at varying locations. Customers can use their tracking number to see where the package was last scanned. While this date is not set in stone, it is mostly accurate and often does not add delays. When there are delays, the tracking information will update to let the customer know.

Your FedEx Packages Likely Will Not Come Early

It will be rare to see a FedEx package arrive sooner than estimated. That is because the estimated delivery times are calculated as the package is scanned as it arrives at different facilities en route.

Customers are encouraged to save their tracking numbers and monitor their packages in transit to ensure that they only linger for a couple of days at each location and receive an estimated delivery date. There will be no estimated delivery date when items are initially ordered, but within the following 24 hours, an estimated delivery date will likely become available.

How Can I Get My Package Faster?

Customers can have more control over when their packages will arrive by creating an account with the FedEx Delivery Manager. Creating this account allows customers to determine when it would be most convenient to receive their packages—an excellent option if it requires signatures.

The FedEx Delivery Manager account provides customers with additional security by opening delivery options to secured FedEx locations across the country. The chosen location will be notified of when the customer is expected to arrive and pick up their package so that it is ready for them.

It is important to note that depending on what is being picked up and the nature of the package, a fee may apply to schedule a delivery. Plus, customers with an account can redirect a package for free.

FedEx will not promise that a package will arrive sooner than expected, but if there is a change that allows for the package to arrive sooner, there will be an update 24 hours before your delivery is scheduled.

Unexpected Changes and Delays

Ordering parts, merchandise, medicine, and more is an everyday occurrence today. However, just like it is really easy to order something online, things can happen in transit that delays a package from arriving by the estimated delivery date. A tracking number helps see where the parcel is in transit and how many more days it takes to arrive.

Tracking numbers can be entered online through your account, chat, or app or on the main FedEx line at 1-800-GoFedEx or 463-3339, where an update will be made available and will change every 24 hours. FedEx encourages its customers to be on top of their tracking information. If there is no change in over 24 hours, the customer should reach out to the FedEx customer line to find out what is happening.

While if the package is in transit, FedEx will be responsible for finding and shipping the package. If the label was just created and has not changed in days, it is possible that the label was created, but the package has yet to arrive at a FedEx location for shipping.

If this is the case with your package, you will need to call your vendor and confirm that it has left its warehouse at a FedEx facility. FedEx holds no responsibility for packages that were never transported to their facilities.

Delivery delays are unlikely but possible to occur. So, it is essential to retain the order confirmation and tracking information. These two documents make sure you have all information needed to either receive your package or be able to file a claim in case the parcel is lost in transit. If there is a delay, FedEx will do what it can to ensure that the package gets to you as soon as possible.

Door Tags by FedEx

Door tags are left when no one at the delivery location can sign for the package because they are away or are not of age to sign off with the driver. While this delays the receipt of your package, it can be a simple schedule of redelivery or transport of the package to the nearest pickup location.

If you receive a door tag, use your app to scan the barcode at the bottom of the page. It will bring up all information regarding that particular delivery.

You can schedule redelivery as allowed by the instructions on the back of the door tag or bring it to the pickup location identified via the app to pick up your package. It is important to ensure that you have a government-issued photo ID and the tracking information to receive your package.

FedEx Will Make Sure You Get Your Package

FedEx is one of the top picks for deliveries because they have proven to successfully and safely deliver packages across the country. Many vendors choose to use FedEx as it guarantees that their deliveries will make it to their final destination. Will you make a FedEx Delivery Manager account to have more control over your packages?

Creating an account allows you the flexibility to track your package and optimize your delivery windows. For example, if you are uncomfortable with having a package left on your door or requiring a signature, you can coordinate to have the parcel delivered to a local FedEx and pick it up instead.

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