Why Can’t FedEx Deliver On Time

Multiple parcel delivery companies work to deliver packages to customers across the United States. While FedEx is one of the most popular delivery companies, it is far from perfect. As a result, customers may find that their packages cannot be delivered by the expected delivery date and face delays or missing packages altogether.

If you are expecting a package through FedEx, what can you do if your package is not delivered on time? Why can’t FedEx deliver a package on time?

Packages can be delayed for several reasons:

  • The chosen delivery option does not require constant scanning or delivery updates, or someone on FedEx’s end forgot to scan a package before continuing its transit.
  • The package was recently dropped off and still needs to appear in their system.
  • The customer needed to sign off on the package, and they were not home.
  • There is an issue with the provided delivery address. Once the address is changed, it can delay the process due to the package rerouting.
  • Technical issues at FedEx require customers or vendors to call customer support to help resolve the issue. This can be anything related to missing information or an incorrect address placed when the package was submitted for delivery.
  • The package fell off the conveyor belt or the truck or is misplaced at the warehouse.
  • Natural disasters that are out of FedEx’s control. In such cases, FedEx will resume deliveries once conditions are safe for their drivers.

It can be highly frustrating to have a package go missing or be delayed in transit. If you find yourself in a case where your package is delayed, what can you do to ensure that you receive your package?

Disappearing Estimated Delivery Dates

Customers commonly see delivery estimates disappear entirely off the FedEx portal. This can be frustrating, especially if the customer expects a package by a specific date. FedEx Customer Support explains that they need to be able to give an expected delivery date.

In cases like this, the arrival date may appear blank or in the past. Customers are encouraged to call Customer Service if this occurs to see what can be done to have their package shipped.

Customers can reach out to FedEx directly through their customer service portal. On this page, customers will begin by typing in their question and submitting it to the FedEx Virtual Assistant. The assistant will provide hyperlinks to self-help pages that may have an answer to your question.

Additionally, customers can always chat online with customer service or call directly at (800) 015-0001, but keep in mind that these options are limited to operating hours between 8 am and 8 pm.

Overpromising and Underdelivering

Customers complain that they receive initial notice that their package will arrive by a particular date, say a Wednesday. Still, they receive their parcel on Friday or Saturday. Customers on Reddit complain about this and say that they prefer that FedEx tell them that it will arrive after it is meant to rather than before.

At least this way, FedEx is not overpromising and underdelivering its service. But unfortunately, FedEx does not handle business this way, which subsequently creates a loss of trust between FedEx and its customers.

For example, a customer can receive a notice of a rescheduled delivery for the next business day. However, when they look at the tracker, the parcel is still 350 miles from its final destination. FedEx acknowledges this and states on its FAQ that packages may not be scanned in all locations but still are in transit to their final destination.

The FedEx Refund Policy – Vendors Only

The FedEx website advises customers that if their mailed package is not delivered on time, they can request an adjustment to their invoice or a refund. Unfortunately, this is something other than something FedEx will do automatically, so customers must track their packages and notify customer service as soon as they realize a problem.

However, many vendors also complain about this, as package delays can cost them thousands of dollars in losses and leave them dealing with unhappy customers. In addition, lost vendors state that they have yet to receive refunds even after filing through FedEx for one reason or another. Vendors also encourage others to use different carriers, such as the United States Postal Service or UPS.

Unfortunately, this policy does not cover customers who use FedEx and are encouraged to file a claim if their packages are lost or damaged in transit. Claims take 5 to 7 business days to process and may require more time, depending on their complexity. In addition, customers do not qualify for any settlements.

Recipients Should Do What they Can to Help

Customers and vendors should ensure that information is correct, so there are no delays due to a user error. Customers and vendors should check the following to make sure that the information is correct:

  • Confirming the recipient’s name
  • Confirming the recipient’s address
  • Documenting whether there is a gate and noting how to access it if it is locked
  • Making sure that the package is sealed correctly.
  • Ensure that the selected shipping service allows the package to arrive at the desired time frame.
  • Calling or addressing any door tags left on doors for the attempted delivery.

If vendors and customers make sure that this information is correct, it should help them receive their packages sooner and minimize issues due to incorrect information.

Remember that FedEx Successfully Delivers Packages

While FedEx can deliver some packages later than expected, they are usually on time. Customers affected by this can always reach out directly to see if something can be done to find or confirm that their package is on its way.

Customers are encouraged to give the package two business days before reaching out to customer care. This is because sometimes packages need to be scanned when they reach hubs, and they tend to arrive around that time. However, suppose the package arrives after those two additional business days.

In that case, customers are encouraged to contact customer care to see what happened and what can be done to correct the situation.

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