Does Publix Do Faxes

These days, faxes aren’t that popular, but you may be sent scrambling when you need to send a fax. When weighing your options, you may look to Publix and wonder: Does Publix do faxes?

Some Publix stores have fax machines, but you should not expect to see fax machines inside all stores. If your local Publix does not do faxes, you can go to other stores or places, get your fax machine, or use an app. 

While there is no guarantee that Publix has a fax machine, you may get lucky at your local store. If not, you have other options to help you in a pinch. Keep reading to become a modern-day fax expert!

How To Send A Fax At Publix

Some Publix stores have faxing capabilities, so here’s a handy guide with everything you need to know about faxing at Publix. 

Faxing at Publix is simple. Just go to the customer service counter and ask to send a fax. You’ll need the text of the fax, the number it’s being sent to, and any other relevant information to ensure it goes to the right place. 

There is usually a small fee for faxing at Publix, but they’ll send it immediately. 

Thankfully, since faxing at Publix is quick and easy, and affordable, it’s a good option for people who don’t have their own fax machine. 

Find Out Where To Fax At Your Local Publix

As stores shift to new ways of faxing, there are a few options as to where you will need to go to fax your documents.

Check out these areas of the store to learn where to fax your document. Call ahead to save some time:

  • Go to Customer Service
  • Try the pharmacy since doctors fax in prescriptions
  • See if there is a kiosk where you can fax yourself

Not all stores will provide fax services in the same place since faxing is not as common, but for the stores that do, you may have to chase down the service.

Provide Your Documents 

Once you find out where to go, you’ll need to ensure your documents are ready to fax.

If you are working with a store associate to fax the documents, hand over everything you have in the order you want them faxed.

Giving everything to the associate in the right order will ensure that nothing gets jumbled.

Have The Number Ready

Have the number that you need to send the documents to. 

Although you might not understand how exactly faxing works, you should know that you must fax your documents over a phone number.

Faxing is an early way of emailing but with a phone number instead of an email address. 

Once you type in the number, it will only take a few minutes for the document to be sent after the fax machine dials it. 

Pay The Fees

Faxing is a service, so you will need to pay for this.

There are a few different ways that you can pay to send a fax, so take a look at these prices to know how much you may need to pay:

Per page$3-6 for the first page; $1-2 per page after the first
Per month$5-15 per month if you are sending large quantities every month, though Publix won’t usually send large quantities of documents
Per jobPrices will vary depending on the size of the fax, but you may be charged the “per page” rather with perhaps a deal

Additional Ways To Send Faxes

If your local Publix doesn’t fax, here are a few ways to get that pesky fax sent. 

Go To Another Store

Other stores still fax documents.

You do not only have to rely on Publix if you need to send a document. Check out a few other stores in your area if you need to send a fax:

  • Staples
  • Fedex or UPS
  • Your local post office
  • Office Depot/Office Max

Similar stores, even if they are family-owned stores, may offer fax services. 

Get A Personal Fax Machine

Purchase your own fax machines.

Since fax machines are part of the past for most people, your best option is to purchase a printer and fax machine combo. 

Combo equipment like this will allow you to use the printer for multiple functions, including scanning if there is a scanning bed. 

With a printer like this, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Use A Friend’s Fax Machine

Ask your friends if you can use their fax machine. 

Some people can still fax from home, so check in with some of your friends to see if they can fax a document for you.

Thankfully, faxing at home is free, so the only thing you will be asking of them is some time if you do not know how to use the fax machine.

Use A Fax Machine At Work

Most businesses still can fax, so use your fax machine at work.

If your office is not strict about using office items for personal use, you can use the fax machine to send your document. 

Since most offices need to send at least some documents by fax, especially government documents, you may be lucky if your office does this kind of business.

Use A Phone App For Faxes

While you may not be up to date on the latest technology, phone apps can send faxes.

Most people are used to the old way of faxing, but phone apps these days can scan documents and send them wherever they need to go.

Most apps are free, but better ones may have a small cost associated. This may be a good investment if you know that you will need to fax documents!

Can You Send And Receive Faxes, Or Only Send them? 

Publix can only send faxes; they usually can’t receive return faxes from customers. However, some of the pharmacies can receive faxes as well so they can get patient information. However, that doesn’t mean you can get faxes sent through the Publix pharmacy for other reasons. 

It’s important to remember that pharmacies should only handle medical and prescription information and only with your permission. 

That’s important because it means you’re limited to faxing at Publix for other reasons. If the person you’re faxing is expecting to respond quickly, you should probably go to one of the Publix alternatives for faxing that we’ll discuss later. 

Some alternatives, like programs, will let you send and receive faxes online or through email. Those are good options if you have a computer and a reliable internet connection at home. Search for online fax programs and choose the one that looks best. 

However, if you don’t have a computer and internet or want a more secure alternative, you can also generally send and receive faxes at your public library. You can call the local branch to see if they have a fax machine. 

As a last resort, if your public library doesn’t offer faxing services, office supply and printing stores often also offer faxing services. However, sending and receiving faxes at office supplies or printing stores can come with a larger fee than faxing at Publix or your local library. 

Any time you’re faxing and expect a response, it’s important to make sure the location you’re using allows return faxes and to ask about their notification process or how long they will hold a reply in case you don’t get an immediate response. 

That way, you know when and how to expect a response and when you can receive the fax you need, no matter your location. 

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