How Long Will Home Depot Hold Appliances

An essential part of any home renovation is the installation of new appliances. Shopping for new dishwashers, refrigerators, and ranges can be exciting. However, depending on the renovation stage, you may not be ready to install it immediately.

If you’re ordering appliances from Home Depot, consider scheduling your appliance delivery accordingly. Home Depot will hold appliances for only 90 days.  After 90 days, your order will be canceled. Read on for more tips on how to make the most of your appliance delivery from Home Depot. 

Ordering Appliances from Home Depot 

Home Depot offers delivery and installation services for:

  • Refrigerators
  • Washer & Dryers
  • Dishwashers 
  • Ranges
  • Cooktops 
  • Wall Ovens 

Now that you know what appliances can be delivered, it’s time for the fun part. Shop online or in-store to determine which appliance is right for you. Once you have selected your appliance, you will be asked if you would like it installed or delivered in-box. 

InstallationStandard Delivery
Free with purchases over $396Delivered in-box to your door.
Any additional installation parts will be included as an installation fee. Any additional installation parts are offered at the time of checkout and will be included in the delivery. 
The appliance will be examined and tested for functionality before installation is complete. The appliance will not cross any threshold and you are responsible for the placement and installation. 
Home Depot Installation Vs. Standard Delivery

Home Depot offers a Haul-Away service if you need your old appliance moved to another room or taken off the property. For an extra $30, Home Depot associates can move your old appliance to another room. If you are no longer interested in keeping your old appliance, Home Depot can haul it away for an extra $40. 

Scheduling Your Delivery 

Once you decide on the preferred method of delivery and installation, you must now schedule your delivery. You can schedule your delivery up to 90 days in advance. Here are some tips to make your delivery date a success. 

Clear a Path and Know Your Measurements

  • When you purchase your appliance, note the dimensions of your new appliance and its intended space. 
  • Check each doorframe’s width and ensure the appliance can safely travel through each threshold. 
  • Make sure the delivery path is free from debris and tripping hazards. If the final delivery location is inaccessible, you may have to reschedule your delivery.

Be Prepared 

  • Each installation requires a new connection part included in the price or offered upon checkout. Keep in mind that installers cannot use old connections for new appliances. 
  • Keep your phone on. Your delivery associate will call the evening before your installation. Be sure to answer this phone call to set a 4-hour arrival window. 
  • Make sure your old appliance is disconnected and empty. Consider paying the additional $40 fee for haul-away services. 

Accepting Deliveries 

  • No one under 18 can sign for the appliances, so make sure a legal adult is present to accept the delivery.
  • Do not leave during the 4-hour arrival window. If no one is there to accept the delivery, your delivery will be canceled after 30 days. 
  • When you accept your delivery, be sure to examine it for defects. 

Track Your Delivery 

Not only does Home Depot offer scheduled delivery, but they also offer delivery tracking services. Once you complete your order, you can text TRACK to 433768. Once your information is confirmed, you will receive a link to the delivery tracker to estimate delivery time. Keeping an eye on your delivery time with the tracking link will ensure a smooth delivery. 

What to do After Delivery

If your appliance is defective or damaged after delivery, you must report your findings by calling 1-800-455-3869. Remember that you only have 48 hours from the delivery date to report damages. Once your appliance is hooked up and free of defects, it’s time to enjoy your new purchase. Read the owner’s guide and operational manual for optimal performance. 


Before you purchase a new appliance from Home Depot, be sure to consult your schedule first. Home Depot will hold appliances for 90 days, so schedule your delivery accordingly.

If you cannot accept your delivery, Home Depot will send the delivery item back to the warehouse, where you have only 30 days to reschedule before your order is canceled. Home renovations can be stressful. However, Home Depot’s scheduled appliance delivery system makes receiving and installing new appliances easy. 

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