Does Sam’s Club Do Headlight Restoration

Most people don’t realize how vital headlight restoration can be. Not only does it improve the look of your car, but it can also help improve your visibility while driving at night. 

Headlight restoration is a simple and relatively inexpensive process that can significantly impact your safety on the road.

If you’re unsure whether your headlights need to be restored, take a close look at them the next time you’re washing your car. If you notice that the lenses are yellowed or hazy, then headlight restoration is probably a good idea. The same is true if you see cracks or other lens damage.

Headlight restoration is a three-step process that involves sanding, polishing, and sealing the lenses. You can do it yourself with a headlight restoration kit or have it done professionally.

If you want to restore your headlights, Sam’s Club offers this service in their auto center. They offer a simple procedure that can be scheduled through their auto department. 

Headlight Restoration Benefits

There are several benefits to restoring your headlights.

Repairs Surface Scratches

Headlights will often have scratches due to debris and weathering after prolonged use. These scratches can dull the lighting, making it difficult to utilize your lights fully. Some scratches are only on the surface of the headlight cover and can be removed or diminished through restoration. 

Enhances Overall Visibility

Headlights will lose their visibility as their covers become dulled and opaque. Once these issues are remedied, they will produce a much more luminous glow that can help see both during the day and at night. 

Saves Money 

When your headlights become dull, it can be tempting to have the bulbs, and headlight covers completely replaced. In reality, you can easily restore your headlights by taking them to Sam’s Club for a much lower price. 

Enhances Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Dirty headlights lower the quality of your vehicle’s look. When your headlights are bright and clear, your vehicle has a higher-quality aesthetic. 

Dangers of Dirty Headlights

Headlights are one of a car’s most important safety features, yet they are often neglected. Dirty headlights can significantly reduce your visibility while driving, leading to accidents. Here are some of the dangers of driving with dirty headlights:

  1. Reduced visibility: When your headlights are covered in dirt, grime, or even just a thin layer of film, it can significantly reduce your ability to see clearly while driving. This is especially dangerous at night or in poor weather conditions.

2. Reduced light output: Not only will dirty headlights reduce your visibility, but they will also reduce the amount of light that is emitted from the headlight. This means that you won’t be able to see as far ahead, and it will be more difficult for other drivers to see you.

Headlight Restoration Procedure

Assuming you are talking about the headlights on a car:

Sam’s club will use a headlight restoration kit to help clean and rejuvenate your headlights.

They’ll clean the headlights with soap and water, then dry them thoroughly. Next, they’ll use the sandpaper in the kit to sand down the headlight cover. They’ll be sure to sand evenly, so the headlight is completely clear.

Once the headlight is sanded, they’ll apply a coat of polish to it. This will help protect the headlight from future damage. Finally, they’ll use the included cloth to buff the headlight until it shines.

Should You Restore Your Headlights?

If your headlights need restoration, it may be tempting to do it yourself. This can be helpful if you’re experienced with auto maintenance, but if not, restoring your own headlights can be taxing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can damage your headlights and eventually need to replace them entirely.

It’s always best to bring your car into Sam’s Club and have them restore your headlights to one of their auto professionals. They’ll provide this service quickly, efficiently, and safely, leaving your headlights bright and restored.


Headlight restoration isn’t a service you’ll have to have performed very often. The price is relatively reasonable for the auto benefits it offers the driver. 

On average, most headlight restorations cost between $100 – $150. 

How Long Does Headlight Restoration Take?

If your headlights look dull, they can be restored in just 15 to 40 minutes. Depending on how busy the auto center is at the time of your appointment, you may have a longer wait time as they work on other vehicles. During your wait, you can shop around the store and pick up your weekly groceries, saving you time instead of sitting in a waiting room as you would at a traditional mechanic.

Scheduling Your Headlight Restoration Service

If you want to schedule your headlight restoration service, head to Sam’s Club’s auto center page.

Or, you can call their customer service number 1 (888) 746-7726 for more information.

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