Does Walmart Provide Money Orders

Money orders are a popular way to send money securely and conveniently. When you can take care of that while shopping for your every day needs at a retail store, thats even better. Many people wonder if Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in the world, offers money order services.

Walmart does provide money orders through MoneyGram, a reliable money transfer service that enables sending money online or in-person. You can easily obtain a money order by visiting the Customer Service Desk at Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets.

Walmart’s money orders come with the assurance of an official document representing a specific monetary value, much like written checks. Not only are Walmart’s money orders convenient, thanks to the widespread availability of Walmart stores across the US, but they are also (as of 2023) quite affordable, with a maximum fee of just $1.

Money Orders at Walmart

If you want to obtain a money order, Walmart is a convenient option. They provide MoneyGram money orders to their customers and its Walmarts main financial service for customers.

As I mentioned earlier, you can purchase money orders at their customer service desk or in their money service centers. In addition to being easy to find, these money orders offer a relatively low cost and secure payment option.

After receiving the money order, you’ll need to fill in the necessary information, such as your and recipient’s names. Keep in mind that Walmart has certain limits on the amount you can send, and fees may vary depending on the value of the money order or your location.

If you’re unsure about whats allowed and what isn’t, you can always contact them prior to going into the store. Most locations are uniform in how they handle fees and restrictions though.

Purchasing Process

Now, let’s walk you through the steps to purchase a money order at Walmart. It’s a relatively simple process that can be completed at nearly any Walmart store, thanks to their partnership with MoneyGram.

First, visit your local Walmart store and head to the Money Services desk. Inform the cashier that you’d like to purchase a Walmart money order. You’ll then need to decide on the amount you want on the money order.

Remember that the maximum limit for a single money order is $1,000, and you can purchase up to three money orders in a day, totaling $3,000. You’ll need a government issued ID (think driver’s license) if your money order is over $1000.

As for payment methods, you have a few options. You can use cash, a debit card, or a Walmart MoneyCard to pay for the money order. Unfortunately, a credit card isn’t an acceptable form of payment for a Walmart money order. That’s the case at most other retailers too that offer this type of service.

Remember that a small fee will be associated with your purchase too. The maximum Walmart can charge you is $1 per money order. The fees vary by location though. We’ve seen some instances where the money order is considerably less.

Once you’ve successfully paid for the money order, you’ll receive a filled-out form that serves as a guaranteed payment backed by the issuing agency. Be sure to provide accurate information when purchasing the money order, including your name, address, and the recipient’s details.

Limitations Of Money Orders With Walmart

While money orders can be a convenient payment option, they do have some limitations depending on which Walmart you go to, and what you’re trying to do with that money. There are also plenty of benefits associated with them as well. Let’s cover those first.

Purchasing a money order from Walmart has a few benefits. For example, they are readily available at most locations, allowing you to buy groceries and make use of additional services like money orders all in one place.

Another advantage of using money orders is their protection against lost or stolen payments. If your money order goes missing in the mail, you can request a cancelation and refund, ensuring that your funds remain secure.

There are, however, some limitations to using Walmart money orders. One notable drawback is that while they are relatively inexpensive to obtain (with a maximum fee of $1), some international transactions may incur additional fees. Additionally, Walmart money orders have a cap on the total amount you can send, potentially requiring you to purchase multiple orders if you need to make a larger payment.

Moreover, not all countries and territories accept money orders. This means that if you need to send money internationally, it’s crucial to check if the recipient’s location accepts this form of payment.

Cashing Walmart Money Orders

Cashing a Walmart money order is a straightforward process. When you receive a money order, you need to obtain a receipt and follow some simple steps.

Firstly, to cash the money order, make sure that it is undamaged and unaltered. The recipient’s name should be clearly printed, and the amount should be accurate. Cashing services are available at Walmart’s Money Center, where you can cash personal, payroll, or government checks.

It is essential to present a government-issued photo ID when cashing your money order, as it serves as proof of your identification. The ID should be valid and unexpired to avoid any complications. If you’re trying to move a large amount more than a grand, they won’t do it without that ID.

You don’t necessarily have to cash the money order at a Walmart store, debit cards are okay too. Walmart won’t take credit cards for your money order though.

Dealing with Problems and Issues

You may encounter issues or problems when dealing with Walmart money orders. In these cases, knowing how to address them effectively is essential.

If you need help with a money order transaction, the first step is to contact a customer service representative at the store. They can help you understand the issue and guide you through the process of resolving it.

In case you need to get a refund for your money order or cancel it, visit the Walmart MoneyCenter or the appropriate customer service desk. Ensure you have your receipt and a valid photo ID with you.

Walmart will only issue this refund if the money order is not damaged or altered in any way. If that refund is approved, you’ll need to wait 10 days after purchase to receive it.

For tracking and tracing Walmart money orders, contact MoneyGram customer service at 1-800-542-3590 and provide the money order serial number. Alternatively, you can make use of the online tracking system to check the status of your money order.

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