Will Target Accept A Picture Of A Receipt

There are a lot of things that have gotten easier in the digital age, from being able to order products online to easy record keeping online. However, one thing that doesn’t seem to have gotten much easier is returning merchandise to the retailer. 

Unfortunately, product returns can be such a headache. Sometimes an item doesn’t meet your expectations, the wrong item was shipped, or you just got the wrong size from what you needed. 

The problem is that most people aren’t used to keeping receipts anymore, making returning items to stores like Target a lot more complicated. Tech-savvy shoppers often ask if a picture of a receipt is good enough. 

Turns out, sometimes Target will accept pictures of receipts, but only when certain criteria are met. 

When Will Target Accept Pictures Of Receipts? 

The important thing in a Target receipt isn’t the total at the end of the receipt or even the list of products you purchased. Instead, most of the information you need is near the logo at the top of the receipt. 

Of course, taking a photo of the whole receipt can be useful if you’re saving more than one receipt photo. That way, you can look at the listed products to ensure you’re using the right photo when you try and process your return. 

There are three key things you need: 

  • The barcode at the top of the receipt
  • The order number at the top of the receipt (next to the store location name, above the barcode) 
  • The effective dates (just above the barcode) 

Those three things serve as an electronic record of your purchase and tell you how long the receipt is good for. 

How Long After Purchase Will Target Let You Return An Item? 

Regarding most products, Target will let you return the item within 90 days of purchase with no questions. If you need to process a return or refund after 90 days, you may have to work with their claims department and have a specific and valid reason for the return. 

For instance, if a product designed to last broke just outside the 90-day window, you might still be able to get a return or a partial refund. However, there’s no guarantee, and it may depend on the situation and product. 

Also, perishable products, like anything from the grocery department, won’t be returnable. Those items typically can’t be re-sold after they’ve been purchased, so Target won’t refund your purchase unless there’s something wrong with the product or it’s been recalled since you purchased it. 

Will Target Let You Return Items With A Digital Receipt? 

Yes! If you order something from Target online, you’ll receive a digital order record, which works like a receipt, and a return slip in your package. Either option works if you wind up needing to return the product. 

You can bring the product and the order details from the website or app or the physical receipt to your local Target, or you can use the included return label to ship the product back to Target. 

Returning an item in-store is usually faster than shipping the item back to Target. In person, returns are processed the same day, and usually, you’ll have funds back in your account within 2-3 days of making the return. Some banks are even faster. 

When you ship a product back to Target, it can take up to a week for the return to be processed because they need to receive the package before processing the return. Shipping delays can also cause problems, so you should call Target and check in if they haven’t processed your return within a week and a half or so of sending the package. 

Does Target Give Refunds Or Store Credit For Returns? 

It depends on the kind of return you’re making. 

If you’re returning an unopened or like-new product within 90 days of purchase, you should be able to get a refund. 

If you’re returning a gift with a gift receipt, they’ll typically give you store credit to get something else. That’s because a refund would go back to the original purchaser rather than you. Not only would you be losing a gift, but the person who gave you the gift will also probably notice you returned it when they get their money back! 

Target will only accept a return at their discretion for items that have already been opened and used. They may still be able to give you a refund, but it’s more likely that you’ll get store credit or a partial refund for items that have been opened and used before you returned them. 

Can You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt? 

Yes and no. Target’s return policy allows customers to process returns without a receipt, but only for store credit and up to $100 worth of items in a calendar year. 

You’ll need to provide an ID to process the return so they can record who has returned what. They will track how many returns you’ve made without a receipt – and the value of the items returned so they don’t accidentally exceed the $100 limit. 

In some cases, if you’re returning an item worth more than $100 without a receipt, and the item is still in good condition, they may be able to make an exception and give you the total value in store credit, but that’s at the manager’s discretion and is never guaranteed. 

Overall, Target has a pretty generous return policy, and it’s usually simple to process returns with their Guest Services center or even in an online chat or over the phone. But it is important to make sure you have some record of your purchase if you want a refund for your return and to remember that you have a $100 limit on returns for store credit without a receipt

Keep those things in mind, and your returns should be much easier next time! 

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