How Much Are Sam’s Club Disney Gift Cards

When planning a Disney trip and wanting some gift cards, you’ll be looking to save any money that you can! I can imagine that you are trying to price these gift cards and will eventually ask, how much are Sam’s Club Disney gift cards?

Sam’s Club has Disney gift cards that are different amounts, but you should not expect to save money by purchasing gift cards at Sam’s Club, even though Sam’s Club is known for its discounts. Purchasing gift cards at Sam’s is a surefire way to save money; you can also shop at other stores, look for sales, use credit card points, or buy in bulk. 

Sam’s Club is a great place to start shopping if you want to purchase Disney gift cards. Continue reading to learn more and save the most money possible!

What Amounts Do Disney Gift Cards Come In?

Disney gift cards can be purchased in amounts from $25 to $500.

Sam’s Club gives you options for gift cards, though you will usually find that Sam’s Club has gift cards that come in packs.

For instance, you may see packs of gift cards bundled together for a higher amount. The most common packs that you’ll see are:

  • Three $25 gift cards for $75
  • Three $50 gift cards for $150
  • Three $100 gift cards for $300

Packs are a popular choice for the Sam’s Club model of “buying in bulk,” but you can also find single gift cards for anywhere from $25-$500.

If you cannot find a gift card in-store for a certain amount, you may have to visit the website to get it. You can also purchase an eGift card, so you do not need a physical card.

Are Disney Gift Cards Cheaper At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club has gift cards, but the gift cards are not usually cheaper than at other stores.

As a store with a membership, you expect to save money on everything you purchase because you are buying in bulk.

I did some research on popular stores that carry Disney gift cards to see how prices compare at the time of writing this article:

Sam’s Club$75 – $500, may be lower with member pricing and also sold in groups of 3!
Walmart$25 – $50, may sometimes have Rollback pricing
Target$25 – $500, when purchased online
Best Buy$50

As you can see, most times, you can expect that you will pay $50 for a $50 gift card, regardless of where you purchase the gift card.

Other Ways To Save Money On Disney Gift Cards

Although Sam’s Club is a place where you can save money on Disney gift cards, it isn’t the only way that you can save money.

Purchase At Other Stores

You can purchase Disney gift cards at other stores – perhaps at a lower price than other stores.

For example, stores like Target have credit cards where you can save 5% on every purchase. Read the fine print because not all promotional benefits like this will work on gift card purchases.

Disney itself may offer some deals around major holidays like Black Friday, so keep an eye there too.

Wait For A Sale

Any store may have a sale on gift cards, so look at your favorite stores to see if there is a sale.

Gift cards rarely go on sale, but it is not unheard of that gift cards will go on sale if you keep looking.

Generally, you will see these gift cards go on sale when it is a pack of gift cards. A three-pack of $50 gift cards, for instance, can go down to $140.

This is not a massive sale, of course, but anything off of a gift card is a good deal, in my opinion.

Use Credit Card Points

Rack up credit card points to save money on purchasing gift cards.

Buying gift cards with credit card points is not technically a sale, but it keeps money in your pocket.

You can use points that you have already earned to buy your gift card or collect points on the purchase of your gift cards.

This means that you can:

  • Use your points to lower the purchase price
  • Use points that you earn on a future purchase
  • Save up your points for other discounts that your credit card may offer

Buy Gift Cards In Bulk

Buying gift cards in bulk can also end up with cheaper gift cards.

Some gift cards will be sold in bulk with a small discount on top of it.

I find that three-packs of gift cards are popular and usually come in $25, $50, or even $100.

If you get a three-pack of $100 gift cards – essentially purchasing $300 worth of gift cards in one go – you may see a slightly lower price of $285 at some stores.

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