Are FedEx Delivery Dates Accurate

With Christmas and holiday shopping and shipping ramping up, many consumers rely on FedEx to help ship their packages safely, and on time. Unfortunately, delays may occur, and they can be frustrating for the sender as well as the recipient. So, are FedEx delivery dates accurate?

While FedEx strives to be accurate in their delivery date estimates, sometimes a package may arrive sooner or later than expected. This is especially true during high-traffic seasons such as Christmas. There are steps you can take, however, to make sure that you are present to accept delivery and help make the process smoother for you and the driver.

Keep reading to learn more about the FedEx delivery system, how to receive notifications about the status of your delivery, and how to maximize the chances of you getting your package on time. 

Why Was My Package Delayed or Early?

There are several reasons why your FedEx delivery might have been delayed. Difficulties in the weather, road conditions, traffic, or even a lack of a house number at your residence can cause delays. In addition, some FedEx drivers may use their discretion and not leave a package on a doorstep in a neighborhood where they feel it’s likely to be stolen soon after delivery. 

If the driver has chosen to be safe rather than sorry and not deliver the package, the package will be sent back to the FedEx depot, and they’ll try again tomorrow. 

Another possibility? The driver tried to deliver but was hindered by ice, snowdrift, or the presence of a dog in the front yard. If a driver is in danger or the delivery truck is in danger of getting stuck, your package may be heading back to the depot. Make sure any dogs are inside if you’re waiting for a package and clear your driveway and walkways of snow or ice if you’re waiting on a package. 

In some cases, a package may arrive earlier than expected. If the freight flow is less extreme than initially estimated, this can also speed up delivery time. 

Where’s My Package?

Another situation you may face is that a package is listed as “delivered,” but it’s nowhere to be seen on your property. Neither have you seen a FedEx truck pass by. So, where’s your package?

Unfortunately, it may have been delivered to the wrong address. This is relatively common, as FedEx drivers are incredibly taxed for time, and sometimes the GPS drivers use can land them at the wrong location.

If an address in your neighborhood or on your block has accidentally received your mail in the past, check with them. If you’ve been sent an image by the FedEx driver showing that your package was delivered, attempt to visually identify the building or location, and if possible and safe, head there to check on the status of your package. 

Coordinating With FedEx

The simplest way recommended by FedEx to track your package is via their website, app, or via text message. You’ll need your package’s tracking number, and this info should help you get closer to knowing when your package will show up. 

An even more efficient solution can be to call your local FedEx depot and give your information (name, address, and tracking number) over the phone. This may allow the depot to coordinate with the driver in real time and help get a clearer sense of where your package is or if it’s even left the depot. This can ensure you’re at home when the package arrives and relieve some of the waiting stress.

Request a Signature

Another great way to help keep your item safe is for the sender to request that you sign for the package. This ensures that the package will be handed to you at your residence and will not be left out to be damaged or stolen. 

Yes, it costs a few dollars more, but it makes sure that the package gets delivered in hand to the recipient and can help protect against accidental deliveries to the wrong person or at the wrong address. 

New technology is also being rolled out at FedEx to help drivers collect a signature and verify the recipient’s ID. This will require a valid government-issued ID and is a great way to help combat fraud, theft, and lost packages. 

High-Tech Tracking

A service called FedEx Sense Aware exists for those sending valuable or very important items through FedEx. This system allows you to track your item in real-time (like Air Tags for your mail) and can also measure humidity, temperature, and shock. 

Real-time location alters help you know where your item is at all times, and this can be a great way to get some added assurance and peace of mind when shipping valuable or expensive items by FedEx. It’s a paid service, but it can be well worth the price for some customers. 

FedEx Can Hold Your Package

Another solution is to request FedEx to hold your package for you at a depot for personal pick-up. You can request this option from the FedEx website and pick up the package at your nearest FedEx office. This will ensure that your package stays safe and warm and is ready for you at a secure location. 

This step also helps ease the burden on FedEx drivers and helps them work more efficiently, under less stress, and with greater accuracy. This is a great option if you won’t be home for delivery or your neighborhood is a bit unsafe. 


While FedEx strives for accuracy in their delivery estimates, unforeseen circumstances such as weather, traffic, a lack of a house number, or an unsafe neighborhood can cause package delays or cause a driver to keep a package safely with him rather than leave it at the door. 

Some packages inadvertently wind up at the wrong address due to a faulty GPS or driver fatigue; check with addresses that have previously received your mail by accident, and make sure that your house is properly numbered to make it easier for drivers. 

Some good ways to help track and secure your package include using the package tracking feature available from FedEx, calling your local depot, and requiring that the package be signed for on delivery. Alternatively, you can request the package to be held at a FedEx office until you pick it up personally. 

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