Why Hasn’t Walmart Charged Me Yet

Whether you’re shopping online or taking a trip to Walmart, you may find that your charge is still pending on your banking app. If Walmart hasn’t charged your card yet, your order may still be pending. Keep reading for more information about how Walmart processes payments and how it can affect your bank statement. 

Bank Authorization Holds

When you purchase with a debit or credit card, your financial institution will put an authorization hold on the amount spent. It may take 2-5 business days for this hold to post to your statement. The authorization hold ensures that you have the available funds for the purchase before drafting the money out of your account. 

If you place an order on Walmart.com but do not see the charge posted to your account, it may be because an authorization hold has been placed on your account. Bank authorization holds are nothing to be afraid of. Before you place an order on Walmart.com, be sure you have more than enough to cover the cost of your purchase. 

Walmart Didn’t Charge For My Online Order

It can be difficult waiting for an online order to finally arrive. What’s even more frustrating is waiting for the vendor to charge your debit or credit card for your purchases. Although certain banking apps make it easy to keep track of your posted transactions, some online services like Walmart may not charge your card until the very last minute.

This is because Walmart does not charge you until the order has been shipped. The bank authorization hold will only last for 3-5 days. After this time window passes, Walmart will cancel your order.

Walmart typically cancels orders that take longer than 3-5 days to process. This often happens if the item you ordered is out of stock or there are issues with your payment. If your online order is canceled, you will see the money refunded to your account once the authorization hold expires in 3-5 days. 

Charges on Pre-Ordered Items

Placing items on preorder is a great way to stay ahead of the crowd and up to date on all the newest tech and collectibles. However, keeping track of your pending and posted purchases is essential when placing a preorder on Walmart.com. Payments are processed depending on your payment type. There are five ways to pay for a pre-ordered item such as: 

  • Debit 
  • Credit 
  • Paypal 
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Walmart Rewards Card 

The main difference between these payment types is how they are processed. Debit cards are immediately charged when pre-orders are placed. Credit, PayPal, Walmart gift, and rewards cards will be on authorization hold until the order ships. Pre-ordering is a great way to acquire limited-edition gaming consoles, games, and collectibles. 

Tracking your Walmart Order Status

If you’re expecting an order from Walmart but want to stay up to date on your order status, utilize the Walmart Order Tracking System. The tracking system makes it easy to monitor whether your item has shipped. If you’re in the dark about why Walmart has yet to charge you, consider checking the status of your order.

The order tracking portal will let you know if your order has been shipped. If you’re wondering why Walmart hasn’t charged you, check your order status to find out what could be happening. 

In-Store Visits

If you find that Walmart didn’t charge you after your in-store visit, the best thing to do is to wait 3-5 business days. Some financial institutions do not show posted charges immediately. Therefore, it’s best to wait until the charges are posted. If after 3-5 days you don’t see your charge on a banking app, consider contacting your financial institution for a bank statement.

As always, you should keep your receipt in case you need to make a return or contact Walmart customer support for more information. 


Depending on your financial institution, Walmart online orders take 3-5 business days to post to your statement. If Walmart has yet to charge you, your card probably has an authorization hold. Check with your financial institution to see if you’ve been charged after the 3-5 day window.

If you’re waiting for an online order to be charged to your account, but Walmart has not charged you yet, consider checking the online tracker for more information about your order. Now that you know why Walmart hasn’t charged you yet, you can order and shop from Walmart without worry.

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