Does Publix Take Debit For Lottery – Here’s How To Pay

If you like to play lottery games, you know the familiar feeling of scratching off a fresh lottery ticket with a lucky coin. You may have a favorite gas station for all your lottery needs, but did you know that you can easily purchase lottery tickets at your local grocery store? That’s right! If you head to the customer service desk at Publix, there are Powerball, Mega Millions, and scratch-off lottery tickets available for purchase. 

Remember that all lottery purchases at Publix must be paid for in cash. Publix does not take debit or credit for lottery purchases. 

Now that you know that Publix does not take debit transactions for the lottery, read on to learn the best way to purchase lottery tickets at Publix. 

Lottery Purchases at Publix

After your weekly shopping at Publix, you may be curious about the lottery ticket selection by the customer service desk. When you shop at Publix, you can spend a couple of dollars for the chance of winning a huge jackpot. Participating in your state’s lottery is a low-risk, high-reward game for adults 18 and older. 

In many states, a Powerball ticket averages around $1-$4, with a very small chance of winning millions in return. However, when you purchase your lottery ticket, be sure to bring cash, as Publix does not accept debit or credit cards for lottery purchases. 

Store Policy vs. State Policy

One of the biggest reasons why Publix doesn’t take debit or credit cards for lottery purchases is financial risk. You may be surprised to know that 29 states out of 50 prohibit the sale of lottery tickets with credit cards. Publix has over 1,300 locations in these southeastern states:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee 
  • Virginia 

If you compare this list of states to the table listed below, you’ll find that none of the states that allow debit/credit purchases for lottery tickets are located with Publix’s domain. Therefore, even if the state allows you to purchase lottery tickets with a debit or credit card, the policy is still up to the merchant to uphold. 

States that Allow Debit/Credit Purchases for Lottery Tickets
Arizona Kansas
California Kansas 
Colorado Kentucky
Indiana Maine
NebraskaNew York
Rhode IslandSouth Dakota

Although states like Arizona and California allow the sale of lottery tickets with credit cards, merchants can deny the sale. Safeway is one of the biggest grocery store chains on the west coast, but they do not allow the purchase of lottery tickets with credit cards, despite it being legal within Safeway’s domain. 

Publix Lottery Ticket Purchase Requirements 

For those interested in buying a lottery ticket from Publix, please note that you must be 18 years or older. To purchase a lottery ticket, you will need cash on hand. Publix does not accept credit or debit card payments for lottery ticket purchases.

You can utilize the Publix ATM network if you do not have cash. Publix offers an ATM service to customers with a Presto! ATM. Members of the Presto! ATM service can withdraw cash, make balance inquiries, and transfer funds between accounts.

If you are a frequent Publix shopper and need to make trips to the ATM for cash withdrawal, consider getting a Presto! Membership to avoid a 2.95% surcharge at the ATM. 

Lottery Purchases Elsewhere 

If you don’t want to pay a 2.95% surcharge to retrieve cash from the Presto! ATM, consider going elsewhere to purchase a lottery ticket with a debit card. Although Publix does not take debit card payments for lottery purchases, try going elsewhere. It may seem like an inconvenience to travel elsewhere; consider visiting Harris Teeter, as they accept both cash and debit card payments for lottery tickets. 

Reducing Risk 

While it may be a slight inconvenience to carry cash with you to buy lottery tickets at Publix, this policy benefits you and the grocery store chain. Playing the lottery is a fun pastime, but it can become quite addicting for some.

If a customer repeatedly buys lottery tickets with a credit or debit card, they could do irreparable damage to their finances. There is a very slim chance of winning for each lottery ticket sold, so taking on debt to finance a gambling purchase is not a good investment.

No matter what state you’re in, Publix does not take debit or credit cards for lottery purchases to reduce the risk of fraud and gambling using non-existent funds. 

Lottery Ticket Behavior

Grabbing a lottery ticket at the end of your trip to Publix can be a fun way to participate in a low-risk, high-reward game. However, this fun game can turn into an issue for some. Publix does not allow card transactions for lottery purchases to protect both the grocery store chain and the consumer.

One of the many signs of gambling addiction is when individuals chase their losses with more lottery investments routinely. This kind of behavior can easily be done with a debit or credit card, causing financial ruin for both the consumer and the grocery store chain. If you struggle with lottery ticket addiction, consider reaching out for help. 


Over 90 million people in the United States play the lottery annually. It is a fun pastime that many people have enjoyed for years. While lottery tickets are easily accessible, merchants have certain policies on how you can purchase the tickets.

Publix’s lottery policy states that anyone who purchases a lottery ticket must be over 18 with proof of identification and must pay in cash. Publix does not take debit for lottery purchases, but there is often a Presto! ATM is available on-site, where you can withdraw cash to purchase a lottery ticket. 

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