Will Publix Tow Your Car

You sometimes need to leave your car for a few days. Let’s say that your car breaks down, and you make it to Publix. You’ll have to wait until pay day to fix your car, but you start to worry: Will Publix tow your car?

Publix is private property, so your car can be towed anytime. Publix will tow your car if it is broken or abandoned. It may also be towed if it has been sitting for days.

You can, however, avoid your car getting towed if you move your car around, avoid the store entrance, shop in the store, or tell the store your situation; parking for valid reasons will ensure that you will not be towed. 

Your car may get towed at Publix for various reasons, but you can also avoid this. I’ll take you through all that you need to know!

Will My Car Get Towed If I Leave It In A Parking Lot

Your car can get towed if it is left in a parking lot.

People think that stores like Publix are public property because you can come and go as you please when the store is open. 

In reality, stores are private property, meaning that your car can be towed at the discretion of the store and store manager.

If your car does get towed from a store parking lot, it will be on you to pay to get your car out, so you need to be aware of the fees:

Part Of Car Retrieval Fee
Release fee at impound$75-$300
Towing charges$50-$700
Additional fees, such as for inoperable carAdditional cost based on situation

Fees can vary based on state and circumstance, but you must know that you will face hundreds of dollars in fees.

Reasons Publix Will Tow Your Car

Publix can tow your car for any reason it sees fit, but below are some of the most common reasons it could be towed from the parking lot. 

It Is Broken Down

Cars that are broken down can be towed from Publix parking lots.

When I say the car is broken down, I think about cars with visible damage. The car may look inoperable. 

It Is Abandoned

Abandoned cars will be towed from parking lots.

There is not a set amount of time when a car becomes abandoned; that is up to the discretion of the store manager.

I imagine cars will be considered abandoned if a car sits in the parking lot for more than three or four nights. 

It Has Been There For Days

Cars sitting in lots for days are most likely to be towed.

For many stores, it is evident that certain cars are not leaving the parking lots.

Aside from stores like Walmart, most stores close for at least a few hours during the night. Employees closing or opening the store will notice cars in the parking lot since not many people are out during those hours.

Employees will likely notice cars sitting in the lot in the same spot for days. 

Unauthorized Activity Is Taking Place In The Car

Cars can get towed if employees or customers see unauthorized activity in or around the car. 

Since store managers are in charge of what cars get towed, store managers can decide to have a car towed. These activities include:

  • Violence
  • Working on the car in the parking lot
  • Stealing
  • Loitering

Ways To Avoid Getting Your Car Towed

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to park in a Publix parking lot, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting your car towed.

Move Your Car Around The Lot

You can move your car around the lot to make it look like the car is coming and going.

As a former retail worker, I can tell you that I would notice cars in the same spot always stick out like a sore thumb.

Take some time to move the car around the parking lot.

Move from one corner to another in different rows, so the car is somewhere different every few days. 

Do Not Park Near The Entrance 

Avoid parking at the store entrance if you plan to leave your car in the parking lot for a few days.

Do not park in a prime location spot for shoppers at the store.

I would recommend parking toward the back or corners of the parking lot if you are going to leave your car in the parking lot.

Shop In The Store

Shop at the store to give the store business.

Even if you are down on your luck and need to park in the parking lot, I would say that shopping in the store will give you a reason to be in the parking lot.

Go in to purchase a pair of socks, a bottle of water, or even a pack of gum. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars each time you go in. 

Let The Store Manager Know Your Situation 

Tell the store manager you must leave your car in the parking lot.

Things happen all the time, so you can best be honest with the store if you know you need to park your car in the parking lot. 

Tell the store manager what has happened if you break down and need a few days to get your car. Leave your information for additional peace of mind. 

Most store managers will be understanding. 

Park For Valid Reasons

Parking for valid reasons means that your car will not be towed.

We’ve covered some reasons why you may be towed from the Publix parking lot, but here are some valid reasons that you can have for parking in the parking lot:

  • You are a store employee
  • You are a shopper
  • You are picking up a store order
  • You are picking up an employee or shopper
  • You are someone who got permission to park in the lot ahead of time

Most Publix stores will not allow overnight or extended parking without prior permission, so try not to park at these stores if you can help it!

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