How Many Hours Does Walmart PPTO Give

As a Walmart employee, you must know your PPTO benefits and how you can utilize them effectively. Without that knowledge, you won’t know how to utilize it whenever you need to miss work for personal or health-related reasons. And let’s face it, things come up, so having that safety net there is crucial.

This time off is considered “protected” as it helps to clear absence points from your record when used appropriately.

Your PPTO accrual rate depends on your full-time or part-time associate status. In most cases, as a Walmart employee, you can expect to accrue PPTO at one hour per thirty hours worked. If you work full-time, this typically equals about 1.25 hours per week. The maximum PPTO you can accumulate in a year is capped at 48 hours for part-time associates and 80 hours for full-time associates.

Walmart’s PPTO Overview

PPTO is a separate benefit designed to protect you from unexpected situations, such as illness or emergencies. Unlike regular PTO, PPTO allows you to take time off and get paid without repercussions. I think those of us in the retail space all love the sound of that!

Even just recently, Walmart began implementing some changes to the PPTO policy. Part-time associates can only roll over 48 hours of PPTO, while full-time associates can roll over 80 hours. If you have more than the allowed rollover amount in both PTO and PPTO, PPTO will take priority in being saved.

Thats not a bad deal and gives Walmart workers a ton of flexibility. So whether you’re not feeling up to working that day, or need to take care of your health or something came up, there’s already a pool of hours ready for you to utilize.

Using Walmart’s PPTO

Although you have PPTO to use, you must do so responsibly. Remember, Walmart still has a strict points based attendance policy you must adhere to. So, I think it’l be helpful to cover how you can make the most of Walmart’s PPTO (Protected Paid Time Off) program, including understanding the attendance policy, calling off work, and reporting absences.

That way, won’t get into a pickle with your management!

Attendance Policy

Walmart’s attendance policy has a points system in place which is designed to encourage consistent attendance. With the Protected PTO program, you can eliminate the risk of accumulating attendance points by utilizing your available PPTO hours. Using this time won’t impact your attendance record.

Calling off Work

If you need to call off work, it’s essential to use your PPTO responsibly to avoid receiving attendance points. You can use PPTO to protect yourself against points assigned for scheduled time missed, in 15-minute increments, up to 12 hours in one request. Here’s an example of what I mean.

If you miss an entire 8-hour shift and use 8 hours of your PPTO in a time off request for that day, the point for missing work will be cleared from your record. But, it needs to be called in. You can’t just not show up and expect them to deduct from the PPTO, this needs to be organized ahead of time.

Sick Time And Emergencies

Sometimes, life happens, and you need to take a break from work due to sickness or personal emergencies. However being sick doens’t just gaurantee you’ll be let off the hook. You’ll still need to abide by Walmarts sick leave policies, and make sure your absenses are reported.

So that means things like doctor’s notes don’t exempt you from Walmart’s attendance policy, and although managers can approve absences, it isn’t guaranteed.

To report your absence and prevent penalty points, you will have to call a designated number and provide a confirmation number. You can then use your accumulated PTO (including Protected PTO) to cover the missed hours, ensuring you still get paid while you recover at home.

Using The WIRE App To Put In Your PPTO

The Walmart GTA Portal is a user-friendly platform designed to help you, the associate, manage your paid time off (PTO) and protected PTO (PPTO). This section will guide you through accessing the portal and understanding its features.

To access the GTA Portal, you will need to log in to using your unique associate credentials. Once logged in, you can view your PTO and PTO balances and submit time off requests. You can even edit or cancel existing time off requests up to 7 days in the past and six months into the future, making it convenient for both you and your manager to stay updated on your leave plans.

You can accrue PTO and PPTO through regularly scheduled work hours as a Walmart associate. With PPTO, you can use it immediately after earning it, skipping the usual 90-day waiting period for new associates. This change is especially beneficial for part-time associates starting from February 2023.

Walmart’s GTA Portal has been designed to make tracking and managing your PTO and PPTO as straightforward as possible. Remember, if you need to adjust your available balance or require assistance with a Paid Time Off Adjustment Request, don’t hesitate to contact your manager or People Partner for help.

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